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roundworms in humans
roundworms in humans

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What is Ascariasis Worm?

Ascariasis is a small intestine infection caused by Ascaris lumbricoides, which is a species of roundworm. Roundworm is a type of parasitic. It is common to have a transition from roundworm. These Ascariasis worms live in your body and grow up there only. When worms grow, they can be longer than one feet (30 centimeters).

What are the symptoms of Ascariasis Worm?

symptoms of Ascariasis Worm

Persons suffering from ascariasis often do not see symptoms. When roundworms begin to grow then symptoms associated with it start showing more.

 If you have a roundworm in your lungs, then it may show signs of

Cough or difficulty in speaking,

Wheezing or breathing difficulties,

Bleeding in mucus,

Feeling any kind of problem in the chest,

Fever coming, etc.

If the roundworm is in your intestine, it may cause problems like 

Nausea and vomiting,

Frequent stools or diarrhea,

Lack of appetite,

Weight loss.

When should the doctor show up?

If you feel that you or your child has roundworm, then the Child should be shown to the Doctor as soon as possible. If you are experiencing symptoms such as stomachache, vomiting, dizziness, or worms, etc., then you should go to the doctor.

Causes of Ascariasis

Man’s stool can also cause infection if the infected person poisons around the farm or water or otherwise uses unwanted feces as fertilizer for crops.

A person may also come in contact with infected eating or drinking, especially if the person does not clean the food properly or does not wash his hands.

Children may also be infected by this if they put their hands in the mouth without washing them after playing in the contaminated soil.

How is ascariasis treated?

With the help of some types of antiparasitic medicines, doctors can treat many cases of ascariasis. In this case, doctors can treat you differently for many serious infections.

The goal of the doctor is not to completely eliminate the infection, but the number of worms and eggs in the stomach and lungs is reduced so that the symptoms can be reduced. The doctor may also recommend surgery to remove the insects.

Risk of having Ascariasis grow

There are some situations in which the possibility of infections caused by roundworm increases.

Roundworm parasites are more commonly found in hot, damp and tropical areas.

These parasites are common in those areas where people live in poverty

In areas where human stool is not properly disposed (disposed), there are roundworm parasites.

Rural and congested areas where there is no proper sanitation arrangement

Using unspecified wastewater or human stool as a fertilizer in the cultivation

Traveling in an area where roundworm parasites are quite common

Can not maintain personal hygiene properly

Patients with ascariasis are mostly people of 10 years and younger. The risk of having ascariasis is higher in children of this age because they mostly play in the dirt.

Prevention of Ascariasis

If you are going to travel in a remote area or in some other area, where the on-the-ring movement is quite common, then some precautions should be taken:

Wash or wash your hands with soap and hot water before eating or making food.

Boil or filter before using water

If you are in an area where there is no modern hygiene then only drink only the bottled water.

As well as the availability of adequate water for personal hygiene, facilitating good disposal of human feces also reduces the cases of ascariasis.

Inspect the cleanliness etc. where the food is ready.

In areas where there is no proper cleaning facility or where human stools are used as fertilizers. Wash vegetables without washing them on their shoulders.

Getting proper education related to hygiene can help in preventing ascariasis; Besides, maintaining proper hygiene, repeated washing and cooking techniques are also important to protect against this disease.

Diagnosis of Ascariasis

How is ascariasis tested?

To detect ascariasis, roundworm parasite or its egg is identified in the patient’s mouth, nose, or anus.

Diagnosis of Ascariasis Ultrasound

Detection of the disease at the earliest time can be a bit difficult for the doctor because sometimes the roundworm eggs cannot be found during the investigation.

People infected with roundworms usually show symptoms like malnutrition. To test this situation, themalnutrition.ts can be done:

Stool Test:
In this test, it is examined by taking a sampling of stool to detect parasites and their eggs. Parasites or their eggs, which are present in feces, are identified. These parasites are usually found only in the samples of the stool and in very rare cases the fluid or substance derived from the mouth or nose is found in the substance.

C2C and Eosinophil count:
During the test, your blood test can also be performed, in which a special type of white blood cell is examined, which is called eosinophil. In cases of ascariasis, the number of these white blood cells increases.

If you are suffering from roundworm, then your stomach is x-rayed and parasites can be identified in its photos. In some cases chest X-ray is done, in which the larva (parasitic kid) in the lungs is detected.

CT Scan or MRI Scan:
With the help of these two types of tests, photos of inner parts of the body are made. Photographs made by them are quite obvious, with the help of which doctors recognize parasites creating obstructions in the ducts in the liver or pancreas. A type of x-ray machine is used in the CT scan , in which photos from inside the body are taken from different locations. MRIs are used in radio waves and powerful magnetic fields, with the help of which photos of inner organs of the body are prepared.

With the help of this test, the roundworm or any other parasite is detected in the pancreas or liver. In this test technique, sound waves are used, with the help of which the picture of the internal organs of the body is made.

Roundworms and other intestinal insects are also seen with radiological or sonographic techniques and in few rare cases, roundworms can also be found in the fluid derived from the patient’s sputum or stomach.

Treatment of Ascariasis

treating ascaris lumbricoides

The goal of treatment of aschiarasias is not necessarily to eliminate the disease completely, instead it can be started to reduce the number of roundworms and their eggs in the patient’s body.

If roundworms or their eggs have been found in sewage, then doctors can prescribe some type of anthelmintic medicines. These medicines kill roundworms in body or cause intestinal insects, including the following:





Treatment of infection usually takes 1 to 3 days. The medicines used in the treatment are quite effective, which may lead to some side effects.

The doctor can write iron supplements and itching creams to reduce itching and pain .

If you have severe acarusariasis, then you may need other treatments. In this, the doctor can take the help of the operation to stop the growing roundworms.

If the roundworm has completely stopped your intestines, you may need surgery . Apart from these there are also some other conditions which develop into the complexity of ascariasis and require the operation, such as intestinal perforation, obstruction of bile ducts and appendix etc.

There is no vaccine available for ascariasis yet.

Complications of Ascariasis

What are the problems with ascariasis?

Most people infected with ascariasis recover from normal treatment. Symptoms of ascariasis Worm go away before the body completes the roundworm completely.

Ascariasis Worm Symptoms are mostly medium in most cases and there is no major problem for them. However, if intestines have a high amount of roundworms, they can spread in other parts of the body so that many dangerous complications arise. The complications that occur include:

The deteriorating process of development:
The spread of the roundworm in other parts of the body does not normally lead to the development of children.

An interruption in the intestines:
When the roundworm closes your intestines, it causes severe pain and vomiting. Obstructive obstruction is a very serious problem, which requires immediate treatment.

There are many possibilities of developing gastrointestinal complications in children because the risk of interruption in their small intestine is high.

Interruptions in the ducts:
When the roundworm closes the small tubes of the liver or pancreas, then this condition is created.

Stomach pain:
Acetylases is a severe stomach ache.

Swelling of the stomach:
Swelling in the stomach also comes in the form of complication as there is roundworm infection.

Other complications due to infections:
It develops problems such as not applying appetite in children and not absorbing nutrients properly. In these situations, children can not get enough nutrients, which have an impact on their physical development.

Ascaris Worm Images

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treating ascaris lumbricoides
treating ascaris lumbricoides


roundworms in eys of human being
roundworms in eys of human being


roundworm in body image
roundworm in body image


characteristics of ascaris
characteristics of ascaris

ascaris lumbricoides treatment
ascaris lumbricoides treatment


ascaris worm image
ascaris worm image


ascaris worm images



ascaris worm
ascaris worm


characteristics of ascaris
characteristics of ascaris


ascaris egg


ascaris in humans
ascaris in humans

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