ATypical Depression

major depressive disorder

When the world feels like it is crashing down and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, you may be suffering from atypical depression. When your body hurts for unexplainable reasons or your level is exhaustion cannot be overcome with coffee or energy drinks, depression is usually to blame.

Although all types of depression make you feel sad and sometimes lost, atypical depression has specific symptoms that tend to set it apart. Symptoms such as; weight gain, increased hunger, oversleeping or sleeping a lot, difficulty handling relationships, and feeling as if your limbs are overly heavy.

Atypical depression is mostly found in women but can be found in men and can start in the early teenage years. This form of depression is not uncommon and actually has many treatments that usually work best in combination with one another. Medications, psychiatric help, as well as life coaching or mentoring programs. This help get people back on track with life as well as boost morale while balancing chemicals.

Chemicals are just one of the known factors of atypical depression. There really is no direct cause that has been discovered. There are just studies that relate the illness to a variety of different factors in the body and your personal environment.

depression is a Major Depressive Disorder

The main factors that are believed to play a role in atypical depression are:

  • Early childhood events- if there were any traumatic events in your childhood could make you more susceptible to depression. Loss of a parent, abuse, or a near-death experience are some of the events that could trigger depression later in life.

  • Brain chemicals- the neurotransmitters that fire regularly in the brain get out of balance and possibly cause of depression.

  • Hereditary- many people who suffer from depression have family members that suffer from the illness. You are more susceptible to many diseases and illnesses when your biological family already suffers from them and depression is no different.

  • Current life events- when life gets in a rut depression can set in. Financial hardships, loss of a loved one, too much pressure, anything that increases your stress to extreme levels.

Although hard time fall upon everyone sometimes the combination of some of the triggering factors can make a hardship seem like a steep drop. If depression goes untreated it can worsen and possibly progress to harmful or even suicidal thoughts. Depression can consume your life and hurt everyone around you.

Although many still believe they do not need medications to be normal, consider the ones you love. When you suffer from atypical depression you are not the only one who suffers even though you may feel as if you are all alone. Your family and friends quite commonly feel your pain and disconnection. If you leave the illness untreated you could cause even further damage. Do not allow depression to control your life, because it can. Get ahead of it and lead the life you choose.

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