Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation


With more and more illnesses plaguing us by the day, alternative healing therapies are gaining steady prominence. One of them is mindfulness meditation which promises a host of benefits. Mindfulness is a state of mind where you become completely aware of the present.

You cease to think about the past or delve into the possible outcomes of the future. It involves creating an enhanced awareness about your sensory stimuli like being aware of breathing and other bodily sensations which are otherwise overlooked. Mindfulness has no religious connotation.  It has its roots in Buddhism and other eastern beliefs.

Therapists suggest specific meditation forms for attaining mindfulness. This is known as mindfulness meditation. However, mindfulness can also be attained during normal activities by concentrating in the present and letting go of your past and future worries.

The Advantages Associated with Mindfulness Meditation

mindfullness meditaton benifits

Benefits of Mindfulness meditations are listed below:

  • It helps in managing symptoms of depression and anxiety relates disorders. Moreover, mindfulness meditation can manage residual symptoms.
  • Mindfulness has also been linked to relationship fulfillment. It has been observed that people with an enhanced orientation towards mindfulness do experience greater fulfillment in relationships. As a result, conflicts and stress stemming from the same can be effectively managed.
  • Mindfulness can also help in relaxing the mind and thus ensures quality sleep. Lack of proper rest and sleep can wreak havoc on the system and lead to major cardiovascular diseases.
  • A complete program of mindfulness meditation provides a significant improvement in women suffering from eating disorders owing to nervous breakdowns and other psychological reasons.
  • The biggest role of mindfulness meditation is possible to reduce stress. Stress could be the reason behind several diseases. Chronic stress could also be life-threatening in certain cases. Mindfulness dissuades the mind from pondering upon stressful issues and helps it to relax and rejuvenate.

  • Therefore, the stress factor is automatically controlled. However, complete freedom from stress may not be achieved immediately. You would need to practice the meditation techniques over a period of time, in order to master them. Once the skills have been thoroughly mastered, freedom of stress could be one of the results expected.
  • As a result of stress reduction, mindfulness meditation also has a huge role to play in keeping hypertension under check. High blood pressure can, in turn, aggravate other problems like myocardial infarction, kidney problems and so on.

Mindfulness can be attained through various forms. The first and the most obvious one is, of course, mindfulness meditation techniques. You can seek professional help for the same. Similarly, you can also practice simple breathing exercises in order to concentrate on your present surroundings.

Listening to some great soothing music will also help in cooling and calming the inner self, making mindfulness easier. This form of treatment is associated with the therapeutic properties of music and is also termed as music therapy.

Simple chores like cleaning the house, washing the vessels etc. can also provide ample scope of being in complete solace. Practice mindfulness meditation for stress reduction and for peace of mind as it is easy and effective too.

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