Best Diet Plan for a Diabetic

Foods to Eat for Diabetes

Foods to Eat for Diabetes

Diabetes is a health condition that causes too much glucose in the bloodstream. Glucose is what causes your blood sugar levels to go up and down in the body. There are two types of diabetes you can get.

They are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes and they both can make choosing the proper foods to eat when diabetic difficult since you have to maintain a normal blood sugar level by watching the number of carbohydrates you eat. Some people find choosing the right food for a diabetic diet difficult, but it actually isn’t.

Some of the Foods to Eat Diabetes List are excellent to eat are high fibered foods such as


Deep Green Vegetables


They contain several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in them that help protects and prevent health conditions like diabetes and can even help treat it by maintaining a healthy diet, weight, and blood sugar level.

Beans, veggies, and fruits also contain high amounts of fiber which help keep the body full and satisfied because sometimes diabetes can make you hungry all the time. Plus beans, veggies, and fruits contain natural sugars in them that will not affect your blood sugar levels like regular white table sugar will.


Another excellent food for diabetes is yogurt. Yogurt is high in protein and calcium to help keep your body strong and healthy, and it contains very little fat which is great for someone who has to stay to a diabetic diet.

Yogurt also contains healthy bacteria in it that help strengthen and protect the body’s immune system and keep the stomach and gut health.

Yogurt also helps keep you full and makes and excellent snack or breakfast because you can add fruit and oats to it. If you do not like yogurt you could always try cottage cheese because it has less sugar and fat and a healthy amount of protein in it

Nuts, Fish and Tofu

A few other great foods to eat for diabetic patients are raw nuts, fish, and tofu because they are high in protein and contain vitamins and minerals that the body needs to help keep strong and healthy.

These types of foods are even less fatty and are better to eat than a hamburger and fried chicken. You can also eat protein-rich foods such as chicken and eggs in moderation.

Brown Rice and Oats

You will also want to add some whole grains to your diets such as brown rice and oats. Oat and brown rice help keep you feeling full and energized because they contain healthy amounts of carbohydrates in them, and carbohydrates are needed to help provide the body with energy.

Choosing foods to eat when a diabetic doesn’t need to be difficult. All you need to keep in mind to stay away from processed foods that contain unhealthy amounts of sugar and fat in them and eat a healthy whole food diet for diabetes that consists of low fat, lean protein, and a healthy amount of carbohydrates that you can get from eating fresh fruits and veggies.

Stay away from foods high in sugar and fat and you should be good. By doing those simple things you will maintain a healthy blood sugar level and weight and will be able to control your diabetes better.

Best Foods to Eat for Diabetes

Diabetics can help themselves to feel better, each day, by eating a diet that caters to their needs. It can also help them to avoid future problems that are related to diabetes such as heart disease and strokes. While finding foods that are best to eat when one is a diabetic remember that anything in excess is not good for you.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are a much better choice for a diabetic than processed white flour is. The whole grains are complex carbohydrates and are easier for the body to break down than simple carbohydrates are.

Whole Wheat Bread, Cereals, Brown Rice

Whole wheat bread, whole grain cereals, and brown rice are all some of the best foods to eat when you’re a diabetic. Beans are also part of these complex carbohydrates and help to supply the body with fiber and protein.

Rye Crackers

Rye crackers, which are filled with fiber, can be crushed up and scattered over a salad. This is not just a tasty alternative to croutons but will add much-needed fiber to a diabetic’s diet.

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are always better than the canned varieties for any person. They do not contain the added salt that canned varieties do and they just taste better.

When cooking the fresh vegetables the diabetic should avoid adding butter and cheese to them. Dark-colored vegetables are also better for diabetics than other types are. These foods include broccoli, spinach, and even tomatoes.

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Sugar-free jams and applesauce can be found in many grocery store chains today. These food products are perfect for a diabetic as they do not contain the sugar in them.

Best  Fruits to Eat for Diabetes

Fresh fruits are also one of the best foods to eat when you’re diabetic. They do have natural sugar in them, so limit the amount eaten.


There are several tasty sugar-free items sold in stores today. The sugar-free syrup is great when poured over a whole wheat waffle in the morning. Cookies, candies and even small cakes can be found that are sugar-free.

These can be eaten as a dessert or a snack during the day. Just because they say sugar-free does not mean they can be eaten in large doses. Limiting this type of food in a diet will help to keep diabetes under control as well as weight problems.

Foods to Avoid for Diabetes

Diabetic require special attention. It is extremely important to manage their condition so worse symptoms do not pop up.


Not only is taking medications and exercise important but eating healthy and maintaining their weight is crucial. Some diabetics treat their disease by diet only.


There are many foods to avoid sugar diabetes. Carbohydrates are on the top of the list. They are terrible for a diabetic. They have a high glycemic index and raise glucose levels.

These would include

White Bread,








Cereals are also packed with carbohydrates. Of course, potatoes are high in starch too.

Sugary foods are definite foods to avoid sugar diabetes. This would include desserts. Avoid anything made with table sugars and honey. Check labels on canned foods because a lot of them have hidden sugar and high sodium.

Fruit Juices

Fruit juices and fruit need to be limited. They contain high sugar contents. Even natural sugar can be dangerous for a diabetic.

Diabetics need to cut down on foods high in cholesterol. These include dairy, chicken, red meat, and egg yolks. Fried foods are a diabetic nightmare. Try to avoid them. At the very least they should be limited.

Not only should certain foods be avoided, but alcoholic beverages should be considered too. Alcoholic drinks can affect the way the liver reacts and can alter blood sugar levels. Occasionally a drink may be ingested, but carefully monitor blood sugar levels.


Coffee can also raise blood sugar levels. It is wise for someone who has diabetes to reduce their coffee intake or quit drinking it altogether. Sweet tea should also be avoided for the same reason.

It can do more harm than good. If tea is the drink of choice try to have it without sugar, or use a sugar supplement that is not harmful to diabetics.

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes their doctor should give them a diabetic exchange chart. This will help the patient know exactly how much of each food group they can eat. Stick with these helpful hints and diabetes will not control the patient’s life.

Best Diet Plan for a Diabetic

After being diagnosed with diabetes, a person will be put on a rather strict diet, to ensure their health. Diabetics will need to cut sugar out of their diet completely.

Best Diet Plan for Diabetic Patients

Best Diet Plan for a Diabetic

Not only does a person with diabetes need to make nutritious and healthy food choices, but they also need to exercise. Just going for a walk each day, or getting half an hour of exercise can do wonders for the human body.

Sometimes people with this condition will need to eat between meals to keep their blood levels at their targeted number. Food Plan for Diabetic Pateints

Whole Grain in Diet:- A person would need to incorporate whole grains into their diet. This can be done with foods like whole grain pasta, bread, and flours.

Eat Less Processed Foods: If eating processed or pre-made forms of this, you should ensure it is low in fats and sugars. A person also needs to add in lots of fruits and veggies.

3 Fruits and Vegetables a Day: Every day, a diabetic should eat at least three fruits and four vegetables. In the dairy food group, a person should eat foods such as sugar-free yogurt and milk.

Eat Meat and Nuts: A diabetic should be eating meat and nuts to keep up their protein. Turkey is probably the leanest meat, so that would be a wise choice. Preparation is key when it comes to meat, methods such as baking and grilling are healthy. 

Much unlike fried meat or any other fried food. Nuts and fish also offer omega 3′s. By providing your body with what it needs on a day to day basis your diabetes can be maintained and possibly improved.

Eat Eggs: Everyone should be eating eggs, they are great for breakfast especially. They are probably the most nutritious food known to man.

Avoid Alcohol: Foods and beverages such as alcohol, fats, and sugars all need to be eliminated from one’s diet. This will only inhibit and hinder a person body. With having diabetes, consumption of any of these can make your body crash. This is because the sugar content will give you a burst of energy and then bottom a person out to feel miserable.

Drink Plenty of Water: Water is the best beverage for a diabetic. He or she should be getting at least eight glasses of this vital liquid each and every day. Water is essential for your kidneys, and preserving them is key after a diagnosis of diabetes.

While it appears as if lots of food is being cut out, there are still numerous possibilities. Diabetics can have wonderful tasting food still. The flavor does not have to be gone, they just need to get back to the basics and be more healthy eaters.

Eat Natural Food Daily: Natural food is the best route for someone with diabetes as it is free of all the chemicals and processing food goes through to get to the grocery store.

After trying it, a person might just find that the taste and quality are so much better than it ever has been before. A person diagnosed with diabetes should get ideas for meals that will offer them assistance in getting started on this healthy new lifestyle.

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