Causes and Symptoms of Rapid Weight Loss

There can be a lot of reasons and causes of rapid weight loss that can precipitate sudden and rapid weight loss in a person. Nowadays, there are more people who are concerned with weight gain. However, a few people are actually more concerned with losing weight because of some mysterious reason.

Involuntary and rapid weight loss can actually have different causes. Most often, this can be caused by medical conditions. Even though losing weight in a healthy way is actually a positive thing that can happen, losing weight at a very rapid rate and without intending to can actually be considered unhealthy.

Medical Rapid Weight Loss Causes

The causes of rapid weight loss can actually range from an illness to an eating disorder. Listed rapid weightloss causesbelow are some of the medial rapid weight loss causes that you should look into.


Cancer is one of the many medical conditions that can actually be considered as one of the many rapid weight loss causes. Even though people with cancer have good appetites, they still have the tendency to lose weight. The symptoms of cancer can also cause weight loss like a decrease in appetite, nausea, and difficulty in swallowing.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HIV causes AIDS and this can also be one of the many causes. Basically, the body will need extra nutrients as well as energy to fight off the virus. If a person with HIV will not have enough of these substances, rapid weight loss can occur.


Hyperthyroidism also causes rapid weight loss. This condition will involve the overproduction of thyroid hormone which will lead to weight loss.

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Stress actually can result in two different results which would be weight gain and weight loss. Some people actually eat more when they are stresses and those people will actually achieve weight gain.

However, there are also other people who eat less when they are stressed and those are the people who will likely lose weight when they stressed.


Anorexia is one of the many rapid weight loss causes and weight loss results from people intentionally starving themselves.

Rapid Weight Loss Causes Conclusion

So, these were some medical causes of rapid weight loss which are responsible for people’s weight loss. This is useful for fat persons but if you are already slim then you need to consult your doctor about those rapid weight loss causes and then stay away from them as per your doctor’s advise. So, these were the few rapid weight loss causes.

Rapid Weight Loss Symptoms

Just like obesity, rapid weight loss has become a major problem in the whole world. It can happen torapid weight loss symptoms anyone of any age at any time. Therefore, in order to cope up with this worldwide problem, it is better to learn about rapid weight loss symptoms from now on.

It has become a major problem because the media is indirectly imposing the importance of being thin everywhere. Because of this, people all over are coming up with new ideas to lose weight.

New products are now introduced everywhere which the manufacturers always claim to help in reducing weight. However, studies have shown that rapid weight loss symptoms are unhealthy and can even permanently damage one’s health.

Reasons Of  Rapid Weight Loss Symptoms

When our body loses some amount of weight from its total weight, it is known as weight loss. When one loses weight with conscious effort, it is known as intentional weight loss. 

Taking necessary steps such, as eating a balanced and healthy diet and working out are ways of losing weight intentionally. When one loses weight unconsciously, it is known as unintentional weight loss.

One of the rapid weight loss symptoms includes losing weight even when that individual is not taking any measures to lose his or her weight. If this occurs, instead of celebrating over weight loss, you should be alarmed and contact your family physician or health care facility physician immediately.

Rapid weight loss is unhealthy. Rapid weight loss symptoms, according to researchers, are usually symptoms of body complications. Bulimia, Anorexia, cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, thyroid problems and other problems contribute to rapid weight loss.

Rapid Weight Loss Symptoms Thyroid Problem

The rapid weight loss symptoms thyroid problem can be treated and cured in different ways. Contact a physician and he would give you proper medications and will perform tests on you to see whether you need surgery for the cure.

If you are losing weight because of TB, your physician will make you follow regular medication for a couple of months and you will be cured in no time at all.

Exercise and maintaining a strict diet can help diabetes patients who suffer from weight loss problem. Those who suffer from anorexia and bulimia should see physicians as well as psychologists to help them cope with it and to get better.

Whatever the reasons may be for losing weight rapidly, it is always better to take necessary measures to prevent it than to cure it after health complications arise.

So, that’s all about rapid weight loss symptoms.

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