Causes of Belly Fat

causes of belly fat and options to get rid of it

 Belly fat is also fondly known as a muffin top, a spare tire or a beer belly can cause a lot of despair in many adults.

What causes belly fat?

For years people have strived to earn a “six-pack” around their abdomen. However, the reality is that a six-pack is hard to achieve, especially if you have been pregnant, are middle-aged or have spent too much time on your couch drinking beers.

So, exactly what causes belly fat? Belly fat is a deposit of visceral fats that are stored deep within your waistline. Visceral fats lie deep within the abdomen and should not be confused with subcutaneous fats.

Subcutaneous fats are more visible but have a lesser chance of contributing to your health risk. Belly fat starts depositing when a woman enters menopause possibly due to the hormonal changes. During this phase of woman’s life her metabolism slows down allowing fat deposits to increase, this mostly increases only in the abdomen.

People inherit the tendency to put on weight. Changes in hormone levels can also contribute to the way body stores and metabolizes fats. Therefore genetics can be another reason as to what causes belly fats.


Tips to Get Rid of Belly Fat

It is important to work towards getting rid of belly fat because this kind of fat has been linked to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and many other health problems. Some other diseases like breast cancer, colorectal cancer and gall bladder problems have been associated with belly fat.

Getting rid of belly fat can be as simple as changing your diet and finding the right exercise routine. Experts recommend plyometrics.

plyometrics-to-get-rid-of-belly fat

Plyometrics involve jumping, skipping and bounding; exercises that involve burning more calories. Belly fat is metabolized quickly and will be metabolized before other fats. By simply adding these extra exercises to your walking routine you can burn belly fat.

The extra motions force your body out of the familiar walking routine making use of different muscle fibers. By simply adding a one minute of plyometrics to your walking can make a difference.

Regular Exercise to reduce Belly Fat

Besides regular exercise, strength training can be used as a mechanism to get rid of belly fat. A trip to the gym or simple sit-ups at home can help tone those tummy muscles to help get rid the body of belly fat.

Home Therapy 

Hormone therapy is another method that has been used to get rid of belly fat. Since most women gain belly fat during menopause, it is assumed that this has something to do with the changes in the body’s hormone levels. By supplementing the hormones may help reduce belly fat.

However, there are studies on both side of this fence; some say hormone replacement therapy helps others that say it does not make a difference. Take to your doctor and see if this therapy will work for you.

Change in Diet

What causes belly fat is as simple as changing your diet to include whole grains can help reduce belly fats. This is according to a study where obese participants were fed a diet high in fiber.

The study which appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the participants fed a high fiber diet were able to lose some of their belly fat. (Also Read: Food to Reduce Belly Fats and make it Flat)

daily exercise to lose belly fat naturally

By maintaining a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercises and a balanced diet it is possible to give your body the foundation it requires to keep belly fat at bay. By exercising daily and eating foods high in fiber it is possible to get rid of belly fat.

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