Celiac Disease Diet Plan

gluten free diet plan

People suffering from celiac disease are usually encouraged to go for a celiac diet plan in order to treat the symptoms that accompany the disease.

The celiac disease normally attacks the small intestine and also damages its lining.

In most cases, the disease is heightened when you take gluten-rich food items such as bread, crackers, pasta, pizza and so on.

The protein element, gluten can cause further damages to your small intestine if nothing is done to checkmate it.

You may end up experiencing all forms of symptoms of Celiac Disease such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue, bowel disorder, fatty stool, foul-smelling stool and so on.

Celiac disease can be diagnosed through blood tests and other related tests.

In most cases, the doctor will ask the patient to go for a celiac diet plan.

This is a gluten-free diet that will help the individual to recover from the ugly symptoms of the Celiac disease.

There are certain foods to include and the ones to avoid Celiac Disease Food in your celiac diet plan.

You’re not expected to take foods rich in gluten.


List of Foods Rich in Gluten

pasta rich in gluten


Malted cereals,




and so on.

You must also avoid taking beer products except they are carefully marked gluten-free.

Oftentimes, beers with or without alcohol do contain gluten.

Among them include ales, stouts and lagers. It’s always important you check out the labels of the foods or drinks you purchase. If they are labeled gluten-free, you can go ahead to take them. Y

ou have to check for this also on canned foods, frozen foods, fast foods, wheat products, ice creams, and many other processed foods.

Many of them contain gluten and hence, they can be very dangerous to your health.

If you’re the type that loves eating out, you have to be careful what you eat. You may need to make proper inquiries from the chef before you place your order for any food package. You have to go for gluten-free foods as you eat out.

The celiac diet plan can be made up of specific food items such as milk products like cheese. Some of the cheese may also contain gluten.

The Celiac diet plan can also contain eggs. It can also contain starches and flours made from corn, potatoes, buckwheat, tapioca, soybeans and so on.

Some frozen and canned unprocessed meats may also be free from gluten.

Among them include hot dogs, deli meat, and salami and so on.

You have to check their labels to see if they contain gluten before you buy them.

Some frozen, fresh and canned vegetables and fruits may also make up the diet plan especially if they don’t have additives that contain gluten.

Your celiac diet can also be augmented with some drinks that are gluten-free. Among them include wines, ciders and so on.


Gluten Free Diet Plan to be Away for Celiac Disease

Meanwhile, there are some staple food items that should make up your celiac disease diet plan. Such foods are naturally free from gluten.

Eggs In A Wooden Bowl
eggs in a wooden bowl on the table from the old boards broken egg shell and yolk

Among them include




Fresh eggs,

Fresh meats,


Fish,Vegetables and fruits.

Some starches and grains are also gluten-free.

Among them include













and so on.

Meanwhile, the celiac diet plan can also be obtained online.

Several online dieticians can help you in getting them. It’s always important you make proper inquiry if you’re confused about the diet plan.

Your dietician or doctor will always be glad to direct you on the right steps to take.

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