Diabetes and Pregnancy

gestational diabetes and pregnancy

JDM stands for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

It’s a type of diabetes that occurs only in pregnancy.

It comes on in the second half of pregnancy and it goes away after delivery.

Gestational Diabetes, the rates of it are actually increasing in the United States.

It’s thought to be at least 5% of all pregnancies are complicated by Gestational Diabetes and one of the main risk factors for diabetes is obesity.

So because obesity rates are increasing in the United States some populations have gestational diabetes rates as high as 10 to 20 percent of all pregnancies.

Non-white individuals have a higher risk of having gestational diabetes so that would be blacks Asians and Hispanics all have higher rates than nonhispanic whites.

In the United States most health centers screen all women for gestational diabetes and that’s because the risk factors for gestational diabetes are so common in the population.

Health Impact of Gestational Diabetes on Mother and Baby

Gestational Diabetes can have effects both on the mother and the fetus as well as the newborn .

Some of the effects on the mother increased risk are

Preeclampsia: which is a type of high blood pressure that comes on in pregnancy can be very serious and can lead to early delivery.

Preeclampsia in diabetic pregnant woman

Cesarean Section:
The other thing is that women who have gestational diabetes often have bigger babies so they have an increased risk of which means that they go from the possibility of having a vaginal delivery too often requiring a cesarean section which requires more days in the hospital and a greater time for recovery from the delivery.

Cesarean Section

So the mothers have a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes and if you look at studies that followed women after having gestational diabetes the risk is as high as 50% even to 70% of women with gestational diabetes will later in life develop type 2 diabetes.

Even by five years after pregnancy with gestational diabetes about 30% of women who had gestational diabetes already have type 2 diabetes.

For the baby what happens is studies are now showing that these babies that are born very large may have issues with obesity in adolescence and they may have also an increased risk for themselves to develop diabetes and other conditions associated with obesity such as high blood pressure.


Tips To Manage Diabetes In Pregnancy

Tips For Diet And Exercise During Pregnancy And Which You Should Follow And Control, Which Will Help To Control Sugar Levels During Pregnancy.

First We Will Discuss About The Dietary Management. So In That We Will Discuss Some Important Tips.

1. You Should Have Small And Frequent Meals. As Having Small And Frequent Meals Lead To A Health Weight Gain And It Also Helps To Control Your Blood Sugar Levels In Normal Range.

You Should Prefer Fiber And Protein Rich Food In Your Gestational Diabetes Menu And Specially As A Mid Morning And Mid Evening Snack Such As Salad, Fruits, Buttermilk, Nuts, Etc.

gestational diabetes menu

So These Fiber And Protein Rich Foods Take Longer Time To Get Digested And So Your Sugar Level Increases Slowly.

So Prefer These Fiber And Protein Rich Foods In Your Regular Diet.

2. Then You Can Prefer Light Snacks Which Will Not Increase Your Sugar Levels Such As Khakra Plus Sprouts, Then Rajgira, Jowar Or Wheat Puffs As Your Evening Snack Option.


3. In Dry Fruits, Avoid Dates, Dry Figs As They Increase Your Sugar Levels. Prefer These When Your Blood Sugar Level Is On Lower Side.

That Is Less Than 100 Mg/dl. Otherwise Prefer Other Dry Fruits. Then Take A Good Combination Of Complex Carbohydrates, Proteins And Fibers In Your Meals.

4.  Sources Of Complex Carbohydrates Are Whole Grains And Cereals Like Dalia, Brown Rice. So You Should Prefer These Complex Carbohydrates. You Can Prefer Wheat Flax, Muesli, Oats, Specially Rolled Oats As Options For Your Breakfast. Then Sources Of Protein For Non – Vegetarians You Can Prefer Eggs, Chicken And Fish. For Vegetarians You Can Prefer Milk And Milk Products, Pulses, Sprouts, Nuts As Protein Sources.

5. Then Sources Of Fiber Includes Green Salads, Sprouts, Fruits, Green Leafy Vegetables. So You Can Prefer These Options And Control Your Sugar Levels In Normal Range.

6. Then You Should Take One Cereal At A Time In Your Meal As Either Chapati Or Bhakri Or Rice. Do Not Take Two Cereals At A Time, Like Do Not Take Wheat Or Chapati As Well As Rice Or Bhakri As Well As Rice In Your Meals. It Will Increase Your Sugar Level.


So Take One Cereal At A Time. And With That Take A Good Combination Of Proteins And Fiber. If You Are Over Weight Or Obese, Then Prefer Low Fat Foods Such As Low Fat Or Skimmed Milk, Egg White, Chicken, Fish, Specially Grilled Or Steamed Form,

7. Then Soya Paneer is must in Gestational Diabetes Menu.  Avoid High Fat Foods, Fried And Oily Spicy Food In Your Diet Because This Will Lead To Healthy Weight Gain. Then You Should Prefer Low Glycemic Foods In Your Diet. So You Can Refer To The Chart Given Below.

8. The Foods Which Are In Green Zone, You Should Prefer Them And Foods Which Are In Red Zone, You Should Avoid Them. So You Should Follow The Signal Method. So You Should Avoid The Red Zone Foods And Prefer Green Zone Foods.

Now We Have Discussed About Dietary Management. So During Pregnancy, Vigorous Exercise Is Not Allowed, But You Should Do Regular Exercise As Per The Advice Of Your Gynecologist And Prefer Walking.

Walk For 15 -20 Minutes At A Time At Least Twice Or Thrice A Day So That You Can Walk Around 30-45 Minutes In A Whole Day And You Should Divide That Time.

You Should Not Walk At A Stretch For 45 Minutes And You Should Not Prefer Doing Any Vigorous Kind Of Exercises In Pregnancy. But Definitely You Can Prefer Walking And Other Exercises During Pregnancy.


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