Diet to Reduce Cholesterol

fruits and vegetables diet to reduce cholesterol

How you can lower your cholesterol with diet?

Much of our cholesterol setpoint has to do with heredity

You’re going to have similar cholesterol levels to the others in your family

However,¬† that’s not the whole story

We know that diet, weight and exercise have a tremendous impact on both good cholesterol and bad cholesterol

If you look at fast food restaurants and even in your own refrigerator any fats that are solid at room temperature such as butters and margarine and lard are usually derived from animal fats and will raise your cholesterol.

You hear much much talk in the press about trans fats and about poly saturated fats.

You don’t have to know about all these different kinds of fats to make good choices in your diet.

In general, if you use fats that are derived from plants and animals like corn oil, olive oil or canola oil you’ll do better than using animal derived products.


Fruits and Vegetables in Diet to lower cholesterol

diet to reduce cholesterol

You also want to have at least six servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet to reduce cholesterol every day and to eat as much fiber as you can.

If you use low-fat and the right kind of fat dairy products and other meats you’ll lower your cholesterol.

Even small amounts of weight loss will definitely lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.


Exercise Daily

If you combine this with exercise the effect is even greater.


The lower dose of Alcohol

low alcohol pegs to reduce cholesterol

Moderate amounts of alcohol are really okay but you really don’t want to exceed one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men.

If you sit down with your doctor and go through the possible means of lowering your cholesterol and yet you still have not gotten the numbers that you need to have it may be that you need medications.

The most commonly used medications to lower cholesterol are statins and in some cases, they have benefits beyond just lowering cholesterol.

Let your doctor help guide you about what therapy is best for you but to recap there’s a great deal you can do in your diet to reduce your cholesterol.

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