ED Dysfunction Treatment

ED Dysfunction treatment

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

ED Dysfunction Treatments can be administered to men of any age. The type of remedy suggested will depend upon the affected person’s general health as well as the cause of the disorder.

During the last decade, medical professionals have developed a number of new ED Dysfunction treatments. Today, treatment options include natural techniques along with modern medicine alternatives.

Keep in mind that approximately 30 million American men experience erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, seven out of 10 incidents occur because of a potentially dangerous medical condition such as diabetes, kidney disease or vascular disease.

Medications, psychological troubles or a surgical injury can also cause a man to need erectile dysfunction treatment. Once a doctor has determined the condition’s cause, the ailment can be treated naturally.

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Natural Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

In most cases, the first erectile dysfunction treatment suggestion is to make lifestyle modifications. For instance, doctors may advise sufferers to exercise, maintain a healthy weight and stop smoking. Limiting the intake of alcohol is another erectile dysfunction treatment option.

Kegel Exercises

Pelvic exercises are natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment. Deliberate pelvic movements are referred to as Kegel exercises, and when men complete a set of them consistently, the exercise may encourage urinary continence as well as sexual health. Kegel exercises make the bulbocavernosus muscle stronger, which aids the flow of blood to the penis. ED dysfunction treatment action also helps ejaculation.

Suggested Erectile Dysfunction Treatments also include walking. Men should try to walk 2 miles a day to maintain a healthy weight.

According to studies, men whose waists measure 42 inches are more likely to need erectile dysfunction treatments than men who have 32-inch waists. Walking will help maintain the heart and arteries to keep blood flowing easily throughout the body. In some cases, men who require erectile dysfunction treatment can follow a healthy diet to ease the condition. The diet should consist of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol Intake

Men who need erectile dysfunction treatments should review their alcohol intake. Drinking has a depressive effect on people, and this aspect can affect a man’s sexual health. Smoking can also cause impotence, as nicotine is known to decrease blood flow to the genitals. For smokers, an effective erectile dysfunction treatment is to kick the habit.

Herbal Remedies

Several herbal remedies have also shown promise as erectile dysfunction treatments. Men with the disorder who are also taking other prescribed medications should check with their doctors because some herbs can interact negatively with certain prescriptions.


DHEA Natural Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

DHEA is a natural erectile dysfunction treatment. The substance is a hormone that the body’s adrenal glands naturally develop, but science professionals use soy and wild yam to make the hormone synthetically.

Once a man ingests DHEA, his body will convert it to testosterone, which is imperative to sexual activity. According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, many men who were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction also had decreased DHEA levels.

Erectile dysfunction treatments also include taking certain amino acids. Specifically, L-arginine may treat the condition. The substance makes nitric oxide. The amino acid causes the blood vessels to relax, and this attribute supports a successful erection. If a man has sexual dysfunction because of cardiovascular problems, then he should check with his doctor before taking L-arginine. The substance can interact negatively with some prescribed medications.

ED Dysfunction Treatment by Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an alternate erectile dysfunction treatment option for those who want to avoid taking any kind of substance. Researchers have studied acupuncture’s effectiveness as an erectile dysfunction treatment.

The results were mixed, but the treatment did improve sexual functionality in 39 percent of those who participated. A few years later, another study reported that just 21 percent of the test’s participants benefited from acupuncture.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice is a simple erectile dysfunction treatment. This healthy beverage can lower blood pressure and help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. A small study reported positive results, but health professionals are requesting more tests to verify its effectiveness. Since the juice provides a number of health benefits, impotent men may consider trying it.


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

Other ED Dysfunction treatment options include testosterone replacement and erection generating injections. Side effects for these types of treatments consist of breast enlargement, acne, and pain in the penis as well as increased urination and scarring.

To restore testosterone levels, doctors may recommend a hormone injection, pellet injection, skin patch or gel. Hormone injections are usually done every two weeks while a pellet injection is required every four to six months. When skin patches or gels are the selected erectile dysfunction treatment method, the sufferer will massage them into the skin.


Suppositories are an alternate erectile dysfunction treatment for men who are afraid of needles and wish to avoid injection. If a suppository is used, it will be inserted into the sufferer’s urethra to promote an erection.

The erectile dysfunction treatment option is not as effective as an injection. Furthermore, once the body absorbs the suppository, the substance’s potency decreases.

If a sufferer requires erectile dysfunction treatment but doesn’t want a drug-based cure, then he can choose to take care of the condition with blood vessel surgery, a penis pump or a penile implant.

When the erectile dysfunction treatment includes a pump or vacuum, the man will use it just before participating in intercourse to fill the penis with blood. The device is affordable and dependable.

Vacuums are also safe to use and do not require the sufferer to undergo surgery. A pump features a plastic cylinder that a man will set over his penis. Different sized tension rings and a small hand pump are other parts of the vacuum device.

Once the air is pumped out, blood will be pulled into the penis, which causes the erection. The man will then use the tension ring to keep the blood in place and sustain the erection. This erectile dysfunction treatment technique may result in bruising.

If an afflicted man chooses his erectile dysfunction treatment in the form of an implant, then a doctor will insert the device into the penis surgically. Men who have implants will inflate them prior to intercourse. In most cases, a doctor will recommend an implant for men who have tried other erectile dysfunction treatments without success. The remedy is best for prostate cancer patients.

The only time that blood vessel surgery is a recommended erectile dysfunction treatment is when the afflicted individual has leaking vessels that are the cause of the condition. The risks involved with these erectile dysfunction treatment options are the ones that can arise from any surgery such as bleeding or an infection.

When men experience low sex drive combined with erectile dysfunction, they may suffer from diminished testosterone levels. A recommended erectile dysfunction treatment option for the two conditions is hormone replacement therapy used in conjunction with another erectile dysfunction treatment. With the restoration of serum testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction sufferers are likely to experience a return of their libido and a general feeling of well being.

If a man feels stressed, anxious or depressed, he may need erectile dysfunction treatment. These negative sensations can have a harmful impact on a person’s libido. Meditation, yoga or controlled breathing may restore normal sexual functions and desires.

Sexual counseling is an important erectile dysfunction treatment element because the emotional aspects of the ailment are likely to affect the patient negatively. In some situations, relationship issues may be the cause of the disorder. When this is the case, the erectile dysfunction treatment recommendation is to talk to a professional counselor along with a spouse or partner to eliminate relationship resentments and decrease contention.


Male Enhancement Pills

Often, erectile dysfunction treatment involves prescribed medications. Men who have suffered from a stroke, unmanaged diabetes or low blood pressure should not take erectile dysfunction treatment medications.

Erectile dysfunction treatment medications include phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Research has verified the effectiveness of this type of medication. The erectile dysfunction treatment substance will not enhance erections in men who are healthy nor will they increase a man’s desire for sexual activity.

Erectile dysfunction treatment medications are generally prescribed in 10 milligrams and 20-milligram doses. Men who are taking an alpha-blocker should not take the erectile dysfunction treatment medication because it can cause a dangerous drop in their blood pressure.

Different types of erectile dysfunction treatment medications provide different results. For instance, one version delivers results for a longer time frame than other kinds of erectile dysfunction treatment drugs. Another one works more rapidly than the others. In fact, men can take one medication 24 to 36 hours prior to participating in sexual activity. Also, the drug can work in as little as 30 minutes, but for most men, these kinds of erectile dysfunction treatments take a bit longer to cause an erection.

Most erectile dysfunction treatment drugs will not go into effect without the sufferer experiencing sexual stimulation. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors can also cause mild side effects like headaches, facial flushing, and nasal congestion. Indigestion, lower back pain, and visual problems are additional side effects of these particular erectile dysfunction treatment drugs.

Men may need ED Dysfunction treatment at any time. Causes of the condition include emotional issues and fatigue along with relationship problems or alcohol consumption.

Keep in mind that if the ailment continues for longer than several weeks or months, then a doctor will likely diagnose the problem as true erectile dysfunction and treatment will be required. Men who maintain a healthy weight and exercise may be able to take advantage of the best erectile dysfunction treatment, which is prevention.

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