Effects of Binge Drinking

effects of binge drinking

There’s new information about binge drinking and the long term impact it can have on your body and your brain.

How do we define binge drinking?

How much and how often so binge drinking is defined?

For men or women there are different criteria

For women it’s anywhere between 4 drinks or more within a 2 to 3 hour period

In Men 5 drinks or more between a 2 and 3 hour period.

Not much difference between men and Women,

But the question isĀ  12 ounces of beer, five ounces of wine, or an ounce and a half of hard alcohol counts as one drink.

So, for example, you have 3 beers at a ballgame and 2 glasses of wine and you’re binge drinking, most people don’t realize how little it takes in a sense.

To be quilt to be classified that way absolutely the question is how often in a week, for example, well the definition has been drinking.

So once a week for example could be

Binge Drinking now we know of course that alcohol puts huge stress on our liver, but it also impacts other organs

This was a study published just this past week in the journal of Neurology. Looked at 5,000 civil servants out of the UK men in their early 50s and what it actually did was ask them about their drinking behavior a decade before and then have them do cognitive function tests every five years for two decades afterwards found a significant increase in our sir a significant decrease in their memory and in their reasoning two years for reasoning six years earlier for memory decline in binge drinkers versus men that didn’t do that.

So cognitive decline in men who binge drink absolutely and we don’t have data on women but I would argue that I suspect we see the same thing and I think most people think that’s something that happens when you’re an alcoholic right how you expect cognitive decline but not necessarily binge drinking.

The issue here is that alcohol consumption in significant amounts even in short periods of time can affect your mom and your cognition long-term just a final question is drinking something that most doctors in this country talked to their patients about you know the studies show that we don’t do it enough and and I think we need to be doing it more because there’s interesting data that shows that talking with your doctor about your alcohol consumption decreases it by as much as 25% it just plants the seed and your mind about it.

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