Effects of Stress on the Body

side effects of stress on body

Do you know that stress not only damages your brain but also the internal system of the body. The American Psychological Association has told about the effects of stress on the internal system of the human body.

Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Nervous system

When we take a lot of physical or mental stress, the body uses its energy to deal with it, which is called fight or flight response. In this, the nervous system directs Adrenal Gland to leave adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones cause heartbeat increases, BP increases, digestion is affected and blood glucose levels increase rapidly in the flow of blood.

are stretched in the muscles during stress. Many times this causes changes associated with headaches, migraines or muscles and bones.

case of respiratory stress, there may be trouble breathing. Some people come to the panic attack several times because of this reason.

Influence on the heart
Sometimes a little stress boosts the heart rate and heart muscles are shrunk. In such a way the blood pumped by the heart is blocked in the blood vessels carrying it to the other part of the body. In this situation, the risk of heart attack also increases.

Intokrain system
when the body is under stress the brain sends signals to Haipothaloms which makes Adernl gland cortisol and hormones of stress called Adernl Modula Ipainrfain.

When cortisol and get Ipainrfain then liver rapidly creates a large amount of glucose in order to get energy to the body.

Gastrointestinal system The
strain of stress often affects our hunger. In such a situation, we eat too much or too little. Many times alcohol and tobacco use too much.

sometimes feels a slight pain in the stomach, thickening etc. during tension. Sometimes the vomiting starts when there is too much stress.

Reproductive system
stress affects the production of testosterone and fluid in men. Many times it also results in impotence. At the same time tension in women has adverse effects on the mensuration cycle, in which they have a lot of pain or irregularity.

the case of immune system stress, we lose a very large part of our body’s energy to cope with it. In this way, the body’s body system of the insulin becomes weak

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