Exercises you can do During Periods

exercises during periods

Pain during Periods is really painful. During this time due to exhaustion, cramps, and pain, your mind does not seem to be doing any work. You would be surprised to wonder, ‘Is it okay to exercise during the menstrual cycle?’ The answer is – yes. Some people stop exercising during periods because many people feel that they should rest during exercising during menstruation. But this is not at all.

Exercise helps in reducing spasms and pain during the menstrual period. But during menstruation, you should do light exercise. Exercise during periods will only increase your exhaustion. So let’s know about some similar exercise –

Walking Exercise During Periods

walking exercise during period

Walking is the best and easy exercise during periods. Walking reduces stress, removes stretch and swelling to the lower part. This is also an activity that does not make much sense on the body. Walk for at least 30 minutes. With this, the speed of your feet will loosen your pelvic muscles so that pain is removed.

Note: But for some women, walking can be bleeding.

Leg Lift Exercise During Period

Exercising during periods does not mean that you go out of the house to exercise At this time you can exercise like leg lifts while staying at home. Leg lifts will loose your stomach, back and pelvic muscles.

Lie on a mat to start leg lifts. Straighten your legs. Gradually lift your right leg so that your butt becomes a 90 degree angle with the floor. Stay like this for a while, then bring your leg down. Do the same with the left foot and repeat 5 to 10 times.

Side Lunges for Periods Pain in Side Lage Exercise

side-lunge- exercise-during-periods

The side lounge version is better than the normal lounge. It is easy to knit on the knees, which causes less pain during period. This exercise benefits the hip, butt, and thighs.

Open your both legs. With your right foot, go to the edge and tilt down and keep your left foot straight.

Push yourself back upwards so that you stand up Similarly repeat 5 to 10 times with left foot.

Plank Exercise During Periods

Plank Exercise During Periods

If there is a lot of pain in your lower abdomen, then put the plank or downward dog posture for it. This will strengthen your back as well as lowering the stress. It will also benefit your hip, butt and abdominal cramps during menstrual period

To plank, come to the power of your hands and feet. Keep your hands flat on the ground. Come in the stable state. At this stage, the knee should be in the width of the hips.

Turn the toes inwards.

Move the hips up and down the legs and straighten the legs. Take the axes backward and try to keep them from the ground.

Keep the head in a comfortable position in the direction of the ground and in this condition try to keep the spinal cord straight. Stay in this currency for 10 to 15 seconds.

Balasan  / Child Pose Yoga is Profitable in Menstruation Pain

balasan child yoga during periods

Child Poses or Balasan is healthy and easy to calm. It also increases the length of the back, which provides relief from stress and stretch. This currency opens the hip and improves digestion, which is a very good exercise for Period pain.

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Sitting knees on a mat. Put your buttocks on your feet and bring your knees together. Bend forward so that your torso can be placed on your thighs.

You should touch your forehead mat. Raise your hands straight ahead and relax them.

Stay in this currency for at least 15 seconds.


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