Home Remedies for Heartburn Relief


Heartburn can occur almost at any time for various reasons. Some people lead stressful lives and get heartburn quite often while others must eat something that was too spicy or hot before their heartburn flares up.

This irritation can be due to acidity, indigestion and drinking less water. Many times there is also a sign of severe disease like severe burning sensation in the chest. 

When we eat food, our saliva breaks down with it in the small molecules of starch. After this, the food goes through the stomach through the duct, where many types of acids and liquids are formed to digest food. 

There is a stomach acid from this. In some people, the lower esophageal sphincter does not stop properly and remains open. 

By which the stomach acid flows back into the food pipe. For this reason, our chest begins to feel very irritable. But You can get Rid of Severe Heartburn by some easy home remedies.

Home Remedies for Severe Heartburn

Next time you get heartburn, try a combination of these home remedies to get relief fast.

Yellow Mustard

Yellow-Mustard-for-heartburn relief

Yellow mustard is a great heartburn reliever. It works as an antacid to reduce the acids in your stomach. If this does not work, you may not have enough acids in your stomach to digest your food.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking Soda and Vinegar for heartburn

Mix one-quarter teaspoon of baking soda with one tablespoon of vinegar and four ounces of water. Drink this and your heartburn will be gone. So this is one of the fast heartburn relief home remedies.

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar for Heartbun Problem
Brown Sugar for Heartburn Problem

Eating a tablespoon of dark brown sugar can help rid you of heartburn. Diabetics should not use this method to relieve heartburn. Another method is recommended for diabetics.


Raise the Head of Your Bed

Raise the Head of Your Bed for heartburn

Heartburn can be caused by acid reflux or the backing up of stomach fluids into the esophagus. Raising the head of your bed six to eight inches can prevent these fluids from backing up thereby preventing heartburn.

Eat fennel

eat fennel to get rid of heartburn

There is irritation in the stomach and chest, so getting fennel gives relief in it. Fennel helps in making the juice digested, so if you eat a spoon fennel after eating, then your digestion is fine and there is no problem burning in the chest and stomach.

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Cumin and lemon


If there is intense irritation in the chest and instant relief, then add one lemon, half a spoonful of roasted cumin powder and salt in a glass of water. This will give relief immediately in irritation and digestion will be cured. If you wish, then drink half a teaspoon of coriander and drink lukewarm water.


Do not eat too much

Due to excessive diet, irritation in the chest and stomach also starts to burn. So instead of eating too much food at one time, eat at least a few times, it will ease the stomach to digest food and there will be no problem of irritation. Also use green chilli instead of red chilli in the food and avoid excessive spicy food.

Basil leaves

Basil leaves heartburn remedy

If the irritation is much faster then consuming basil leaves gives relief in it. Basil leaves fix abdominal and chest irritation. When it is jealous, break 7-8 basil leaves and thoroughly wash them and chew raw and eat. If you want, you can also drink it by boiling water and filtering it.

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice for hearburn

If the chest is often irritable and there is a complaint of digestion then the aloe vera juice is very beneficial for you. For this, you drink the Aloe vera juice one hour before eating it. If you are feeling very jealous then drink it after half an hour of food.

Jaggery After Every Meal Reduces Heartburn

Jaggery after every meal

The main cause of irritation in the chest and stomach is the irregularity of the juice formed for digestion of food. Therefore, to relax with this problem, you can cook a small piece jaggery after a daily meal. Keep in mind that it does not have to be eaten quickly but rather to suck slowly. This increases the stomach’s digestive capacity and provides relief in Heartburn irritation.

You can avoid having heartburn and using home remedies for heartburn Relief if you try to keep a healthy diet. Eat a lot of vegetables and avoid food that is too spicy or greasy. If you have the habit of eating large meals once or twice a day, try to change your habit and eat smaller portions about 3 – 5 times a day.

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