A Helpful Guide on Suboxone Information

suboxone information
suboxone information

A Helpful Guide on Suboxone Information, Dosage, Film, Pregnancy, Treatment Centers

Suboxone is one of only two drugs approved by the FDA to treat opiate addiction, the other is Subutex.

The active ingredient in Suboxone is buprenorphine, which helps curb opiate cravings and withdrawal symptoms that typically come during detoxification.

Suboxone Dosage Strengths

It is very important that you take your Suboxone dosage exactly the way your doctor has ordered you to. If you are unsure of how you should take it, ask your doctor or the pharmacist when you pick up your medication.


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Suboxone tablet should be placed under your tongue so it can dissolve into your system. Generally speaking, this will take no more than 10 minutes to happen.

Everyone has a different dosage of Suboxone and will, therefore, have different instructions on how to take that dosage. For example, if your doctor prescribes more than one tablet, you might have to put them all under your tongue at one time or do it one pill at a time.

Whatever you do, never chew or swallow the tablet. It is not designed to work that way. If you want to get the full effects of the medication you must place it under your tongue so it can dissolve.

You should also never take more than what your doctor prescribed. That’s a dangerous game that you don’t want to play. And just like with any other drug, a patient can become dependent on Suboxone.

So if you decide to stop taking it all of sudden, you can experience Suboxone withdrawal symptoms. You might also experience withdrawal symptoms when you first start the treatment.

Suboxone should not be taken on an as-needed basis. You should take it every day just like your doctor prescribed And never stop taking Suboxone without first speaking to your doctor.

Your doctor will probably opt to reduce your daily dosage of suboxone on a gradual basis to limit your chances of withdrawal symptoms.

Be sure to drink plenty of water while taking a dose of Suboxone. And make sure you are eating a good, clean diet with plenty of fiber. This is so you can avoid becoming constipated.

If you think you have overdosed on Suboxone call 911 immediately. Symptoms of a possible Suboxone overdose include

  • Weakness
  • Confusion,
  • Tiredness,
  • Small pupils

These just to name a few. And last but not least, make sure you store the medication at room temperature. Keep the tablets and away from heat and moisture. This will ensure that they don’t get damaged in any way.

Once you have completely come off of the treatment, take the leftover tablets and flush them down the toilet. Don’t keep them laying around the house. And never sell them or give them away. That would be breaking the law.

Suboxone Film and its Side Effect

Suboxone film is used to treat those with opiate addiction or dependency. It works by attaching to the receptors in your brain and nervous system that are responsible for you experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone Film and its Side Effect
Suboxone Film and its Side Effect

Suboxone film helps to prevent those withdrawal symptoms from taking place.

If you have ever tried to overcome any addiction, you know just how difficult it can be. Your body will go through all sorts of changes as it tries to get back to the way it is supposed to be.

That’s why medications such as Suboxone film have been created. Suboxone film is actually the alternative form the Suboxone tablet.

Many patients had trouble swallowing the tablets and they didn’t like the taste. As a result, the film was created. Suboxone film dissolves faster than the tablet and according to about 71% of patients, it tastes better too.

It is very important that you discuss everything with your doctor before you start taking Suboxone film. If you have certain medical conditions you might not be able to take it.

Things such as Suboxone in pregnancy, other medications you may be taking, allergies, blood problems, asthma, stomach problems, mental problems, and shallow breathing just to name a few can prevent you from being able to take the medication. So make sure you are completely honest with your doctor about any conditions you have or have had in the past.

If you are someone with an opiate addiction it is very important you know that it is more than just a medical condition. Being addicted to any form of medication is completely life-changing.

It affects every area of your life including your relationships and sometimes your employment. And that’s why you should speak to your doctor about taking Suboxone film. See if it is the right medication for you.

Your doctor is a great source of information. But you should also take the time to do your own research about the medication. Get online and see what others have to say about it. This way you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Suboxone Film Side Effects

And just like with any medication, there are side effects of Suboxone Film that you should be aware of. People who have taken Suboxone have suffered from breathing problems and for some, it has caused death.

So make sure you know and understand all possible side effects for you start taking the medication.

If you and your doctor decide it is a good choice for you, make sure you follow the doctor’s instructions as far as the dosage of Suboxone Flim and when you should take it.

Suboxone Coupons

Suboxone is a very effective drug for treating opiate addiction and with that effectiveness comes a pretty hefty price. Depending on whether you plan on getting the Suboxone tablets or Suboxone film, It can cost between 7 and 14 dollars per tablet or strip at the pharmacy.

To help you get the best deal on your Suboxone prescription, we’ve put together a list of links that will take you to the best Suboxone coupon available on the internet.

We will continue to update this list as the coupon offers expire and we find new deals. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions of the coupons so you understand the offers.

The Suboxone Generic coupon and Suboxone Film Coupon offered directly from the Suboxone official website can only be used once per month (or once for every new prescription). The Suboxone Tablet coupon was recently reduced from $75 off to $45 off each prescription refill (bummer!).

Unfortunately, no generic brand for Suboxone is available just yet. We have found that CVS pharmacy offers the lowest prices for Suboxone at around $7 dollars per strip or tablet.

Don’t go to Walgreens (they charge around $13 to $14 per strip!).

Suboxone vs Subutex

Subutex and Suboxone have both been approved by the FDA and are used to treat opiate addiction. They both help to eliminate dependencies on opiates and help users stop taking drugs like heroin and OxyContin without having to suffer from withdrawals.

subutex vs subuxone
subutex vs subuxone

How do you know which drug is best for you?

Active Ingredients

Buprenorphine is the active ingredient in both Suboxone and Subutex.

This is a synthetic opioid that is used for treating chronic pain in addition to opioid addiction. Buprenorphine will not create much of a high and is less dangerous than other opiates.

The Difference between Suboxone vs Subutex



1. Suboxone contains two active ingredients – buprenorphine and naloxone.

2. Naloxone is used in Suboxone to keep users of the drug from abusing it.

1. Subutex only has buprenorphine as an active ingredient.

2. Naloxone does this by filling opiate receptors and not activating them.

When it comes down to it both Subutex and Suboxone work, in the same way, both are effective in treating opiate addiction thanks to the active ingredient buprenorphine.

Doctors will typically prescribe Subutex first while a patient is under their direct care and Suboxone for continued use. So how do you know which one will be best?

Unless you abuse Suboxone there is absolutely no difference between the two drugs, they will both help in effectively treating opiate addiction.

Suboxone Treatment Plan

Like full agonist opiates, buprenorphine (Subutex, Suboxone), can cause addiction. When going through Suboxone treatment, taking buprenorphine in conjunction with any depressant such as sedative, tranquilizers, Suboxone and alcohol can be extremely dangerous.

Suboxone Treatment Plan
Suboxone Treatment Plan

Falling asleep while abusing Suboxone, especially while combining it with other central nervous system depressants, can greatly increase the chance of serious complications or even death.

If you have knowingly abused Suboxone during your Suboxone treatment or you find yourself experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms when off no longer on the drug, we encourage you to call our facility immediately so that we can get you started in our Suboxone addiction treatment plan.

Suboxone Treatment Center near me


24 Hour Toll-Free Addiction Helpline – Call 855-270-3252

( Get the Complete List of Suboxone Treatment Centers and Suboxone Doctors near Your Area )

Unity Recovery Center is one of the Best Suboxone Treatment Clinics in Florida. At Unity Recovery Center, we understand that Suboxone addiction can sometimes be the result of our body’s unintentional physical dependence on the drug.

In less complex cases such as these, our 12-step approach offers someone suffering from this drug addiction the perfect chance for a fast and full recovery.

Unfortunately, in some cases of Suboxone addiction, the problem is more than just physical. Many addictions have stemmed from deep-rooted issues and these issues vary greatly in our patients and need to be treated accordingly.

At Unity Rehab, we tailor our treatment programs to meet the needs of each individual. Knowing there isn’t a one cure-all for addiction, our Suboxone treatment programs are not designed around the drug that our patients are addicted to, but rather the reason why our patient has become addicted.

Combating the physical drug dependence is important, but if the psychological aspects of the addiction aren’t addressed, relapse will easily occur.

Upon arriving at Unity Rehab, each of our patients will participate in a private interview, where their individual needs and addictions will be assessed by experienced medical staff.

Creating an individualized program for each patient helps us determine the best formula for recovery. Some patients may require an intensive therapy program such as Psychosocial Rehabilitation in order to handle the mental and physical aspects of their addiction, and for others, our holistic treatment or 12-step approach may be the perfect recovery remedy.

Depending on the person and their addiction, it could be a blend of all and with the right combination of treatment methods, a patient can be ensured the best possible chance for a successful recovery.

Suboxone Side Effects Long Term

There are long term side effects associated with all Suboxone, some are normal and nothing to worry about but others could be lethal.

With that in mind, you need to be aware of the side effects resulting from any medication you are taking. Suboxone side effects and those of other opioids are very similar.

Common Side Effects of Suboxone

Common side effects resulting from normal use include

  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia

Though these are noted as common side effects if you are concerned about any of these contact your primary care physician or the doctor that prescribed them and let them know what you are experiencing.

Severe Side Effects

Some severe effects of overuse are

  • Rashes
  • Mood changes including depression
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty breathing

There are other sever suboxone side effects as a result of liver problems.

These include extreme nausea, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark colored urine, and stomach pain. If you are experiencing any of these contacts your doctor immediately.

The fourth group of suboxone side effects are very dangerous and most likely caused by an allergic reaction to the medication.

If you are taking suboxone and have severe stomach pain, shallow breathing, the closing of the throat, hives or swelling of the face or mouth you should seek medical attention immediately. If you ignore these side effects they could become lethal.

Medications to Avoid for Suboxone Side Effects

Finally, there are several prescription medications you should avoid taking while on suboxone unless your doctor has authorized it. These medications include

  • Xanax
  • Valium
  • Biaxin
  • Nizoral
  • Priftin
  • Mebaral

and many others.

If you are not sure if you should be taking a certain medication simultaneously with suboxone you need to consult with your doctor.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of suboxone side effects. If you are experiencing any type of issue that you believe may be related to your suboxone usage you need to check with your doctor immediately, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Suboxone and Pregnancy

Suboxone is a medication that is used to treat opioid addiction. If you are pregnant, take this medication may not be safe.

Suboxone and Pregnancy
Suboxone and Pregnancy

Though the full extent the risks are yet known, it is still considered to be very dangerous. However, it may be safer to take suboxone than to continue taking opiates such as heroin while pregnant.

The US Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has classified suboxone as a category C pregnancy drug. The FDA uses categories to classify which medication could possibly cause harm to the fetus during pregnancy.

The classification of Category C means not enough research has been done on humans to know the effects it will have on the fetus. However, studies have shown that it caused harm to the fetus of animals,  so Suboxone in Pregnancy must be avoided.

A Category C rating is also automatically given to medications that have not been studied on either pregnant women or pregnant animals.

In the study done on pregnant and lactation lab animals, the results show that when given a high dosage of Suboxone, the risk for miscarriages increased. Delayed developments also occurred and some had minor skeletal issues.

When taking suboxone during pregnancy, the active ingredient passes through the placenta and goes directly to the fetus. Because of this, the baby could potentially become dependent on the medication.

Once the baby is born and they are no longer receiving the medication through the mother, they may experience withdrawal symptoms such as seizures, not eating well, excessive crying and irritability just to name a few.

Even though Suboxone is considered a Category C drug that could potentially be dangerous while pregnant, it may still be given if the doctor feels it is absolutely necessary and will do more good than harm.

So if you are currently taking suboxone in pregnancy, think you are pregnant or are planning to get pregnant, speak to your doctor immediately to intake Suboxone while pregnant or not.

They will be able to make an informed decision on whether you should stay on it or get off of it while you are pregnant. They might even just lower your dosage for the 9 months you are pregnant.

No matter what, just make sure you put the health of the baby first. And if that means you have to stop taking Suboxone for a while, then so be it. Just make sure you speak to your doctor immediately so they can assess the risks or benefits that may be involved.

Suboxone Addiction

Suboxone Addiction
Suboxone Addiction

Since Suboxone contains buprenorphine, which is a synthetic opioid and is addictive.

By taking Suboxone you are trading an addiction to drugs like heroin or morphine for addiction to Buprenorphine.

When Suboxone is taken at recommended doses it will not provide the euphoric feelings that other opiates do.

It is also much more difficult to abuse Suboxone, there is a second active ingredient called naloxone which is used specifically to keep the patient from abusing the drug.

The good news is that withdrawal symptoms are far less severe than it is for other opiates as well as for another drug used for addiction therapy called methadone.


Stop Suboxone Withdrawal Symptoms

Any withdrawal symptoms stop taking Suboxone you may experience when you will go away slowly and most patients report that the symptoms are manageable.

  • Diarrhea
  • Hot Flashes
  • Muscle twitches
  • Nausea
  • Restlessness
  • Vomiting
  • Many Others

In conclusion, Suboxone contains buprenorphine which is an opiate and is therefore addictive. While trading one addiction for another may not sound like a good idea, an addiction to Suboxone is preferred because it does not give you a high.

It is also much less difficult to stop taking and the withdrawal symptoms are easier to endure than with other opiates.

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