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Busy lifestyles, inappropriate diet, and stress give rise to many diseases and disorders. One such disease is high BP (high blood pressure, high blood pressure). Hypertension has now become a major health problem. During high blood pressure, blood flow to your body becomes very fast. In this situation, your heart needs to work more.

Our heart pumps blood into the body through the arteries, which gives us life. A certain pressure is necessary for the blood flowing in our arteries. When this pressure increases due to some reason, arteries get pressurized and this condition is called high blood pressure.

Having high blood pressure can cause many harms to our body. Even heart failure can also happen.

There are two types of pressure – Systolic pressure and Diastolic pressure. When your Sisatalic blood pressure is 140 mmHg or above and diastolic blood pressure is more than 90 mmHg or more than a week then this condition is called hypertension.

Normal Blood Pressure Range

Normal Blood Pressure Range

Blood pressure is usually divided into five categories:

Hypotension (low blood pressure)

Systolic mmHg 90 or less

Diastolic mmHg 60 or less

Normal blood pressure

Systolic mmHg 90-119

Diastolic mmHg 60-79


Systolic mmHg 120-139

Diastolic mmHg 80-89

Hypertension phase 1

Systolic mmHg 140-159

Diastolic MMHg 90- 99

Hypertension phase 2

Systemic mmHg greater than 160

Diastolic mmHg greater than 100


Symptoms of High BP

Symptoms of High BP

High blood pressure is also sometimes referred to as a ‘silent killer’ because most people do not experience any symptoms until they have a serious problem like a heart attack or stroke. Although some people may have the following symptoms:

Nose bleeding

A headache

breathing problem


Chest pain

Urine bleeding

As mentioned above, there is usually no symptoms due to hypertension, so to avoid high blood pressure and its complications, it is important for you to regularly check the level of blood pressure. If you take it lightly, it can cause serious health problems like heart attack, stroke, heart failure or blindness. It can also cause death.

Ignoring it can be an indicator of a serious health crisis. High BP will have to make some healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle. Also, consult the doctor. By keeping a little care you can avoid this problem. Always smile and stay away from stress to avoid high BP.


High Blood Pressure Causes and Risk Factors

High Blood Pressure Causes and Risk Factors

When it comes to the reasons for high blood pressure, it is divided into two categories:

1. Primary High Blood Pressure: 

The reasons for this have not been identified. It develops gradually over time.

2. Secondary high blood pressure: 

Some people get High BP for any other reason, such as misuse of a drug or a disease. Some reasons that may cause secondary high blood pressure, are as follows:

Increase of Age
age increases, the risk of high blood pressure is high. High blood pressure is more common in men than women, however, high blood pressure is equally susceptible to both men and women after the age of 60 years.

If a close member (parent or father) has high blood pressure in your family, then you may be more likely to have this disease. In an international scientific study, eight common genetic differences have been identified which can increase the risk of hypertension.

is more likely to develop high blood pressure in people overweight and obese .

Due to lack of physical activity,
along with lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle also increases the risk of high blood pressure.

causes abnormal blood vessels, resulting in high blood pressure. Smoking also reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, thereby rapidly pumping for heart compensating, which can increase blood pressure. (Read more – Cigarette drinking losses )

Consumption of alcohol
According to researchers, people who regularly drink alcohol are more likely to have sistolic blood pressure than normal people. They found that Sistolic blood pressure levels are about 7 mmHg higher than those who do not drink often. (Read more – Ways to quit alcohol )

More salt food
researchers have said that blood pressure is low as compared to those who eat less salt than those who eat less salt.

Excessive consumption of fatty foods
Many health professionals say that fat diet increases the risk of high blood pressure. Most dieticians say that the problem is not how much we consume fat, but the problem is that we are consuming fat. Fats derived from plants like avocado, nuts, olive oil , are good for you. While the saturated fat and trans fats are bad for you.

Mental stress 
According to various studies, mental stress can have a serious effect on blood pressure.

Sugar illness (diabetes)
risk of hypertension patients with diabetes is more. The risk of hypertension is high due to high blood sugar in patients with type 1 diabetes . Controlling the level of blood glucose reduces the risk of having high BP. For people with type 2 diabetes , high blood glucose as well as overweight and obesity , some medicines and some cardiovascular diseases also have higher risk of high blood pressure.

High BP Pregnancy
pregnant women are also more likely to develop hypertension than women of the same age , even in pregnancy . This is the most common medical problem during pregnancy. (Read more – High BP in pregnancy )


Why the risk of getting high BP increases?

risk of getting high BP increases

High BP can have many risk factors, some of which are:

Age: The risk of having high BP increases with your age. High BP is common in men 40 to 45 years old. The problem of high BP in most women occurs after the age of 65.

Family history: High BP problem often happens to many or all members of a family.

Too much weight: the more weight you will have, the more oxygen and nutrients you need to get blood to reach the tissues. The more blood vessels flow in the blood vessels, the greater the pressure will be on the wall of the heart.

Being physically active: People who are not physically active have heart rate higher. The more heart rate, the more diligent heart will feel in every contraction and the more pressure will be on the arteries. Lowering physical activity also increases the risk of weight gain.

Using tobacco: Not only smoking and tobacco chewing temporarily increases blood pressure, but chemicals present in tobacco destroy the inner layer of the arteries of the arteries. Due to which the arteries narrow and blood pressure increases. Secondhand smoking (coming into contact with the smoker) also increases blood pressure.

Potassium deficiency in diet: Potassium helps to balance the sodium in our cells . If there is a shortage of potassium in the diet , then the amount of sodium in blood will increase.

Vitamin D deficiency in diet: Lack of vitamin D in the diet can increase blood pressure. The deficiency of vitamin D will affect the enzyme produced by the kidneys, which will increase the risk of developing blood pressure.

Excessive consumption of alcohol: By consuming alcohol for a long time, the heart can cause harm. Balance the intake of alcohol.

Stress – due to excess stress, the blood pressure increases permanently. Do not eat tasty food, nor eat tobacco and alcohol. This will increase the problem of your high BPP.

Some chronic diseases: Due to some chronic diseases, the risk of developing blood pressure increases, such as kidney disease, diabetes, difficulty breathing while sleeping.

However, high BP is common among adults, even the small children are at risk of high BP. In some children, high BP is due to kidney and heart problems. But in the growing children, there is a high BP due to poor lifestyle habits such as an unhealthy diet, obesity and lack of exercise.


How can prevent BP from growing?

If you are at high risk of getting high BPP, you can adopt the following measures to reduce its severity and complications:

Eat a healthy diet:
include foods that make the heart healthy in your diet. Make a target of eating fruits and vegetables more than seven times in a little while in one day, and to complete this goal, increase the food once in your regular diet in the first two weeks. After two weeks of completion, increase the food once. Continue the above-mentioned process till you consume fruits or vegetables ten times a day. (Read more – Balanced diet )

Eat sugar low: eat
sugar-containing foods like flavored yogurt, cereals (artificially nutritious food items) and cold drinks. The quantity of sugar in various types of packet food is said to be on the compartment. So be sure to read its label before eating this kind of food.

Lose Weight: Make
a healthy goal to lose weight by asking your doctor. Many health organizations recommend weight reduction of 450 to 900 grams per week. For this you start taking 500 calories less in your daily diet . After this, you should choose the weight loss physical activities. If five days a week exercise has been extremely difficult to do, so that you may start to exercise only a day while the hold regular tasks of your day and increase the same way one day. (Read more – Ways to lose weight )

Keep an eye on your blood pressure:
Identifying High BP as soon as possible, there is a better option to reduce this problem and prevent it from its complexity. For this, you can check the regular BP from the doctor or, at the behest of the doctor, you can buy BP checker machine and know the condition of your BP at home.

You should go to the doctor regularly to monitor the condition of BP. This helps the doctor identify him before other serious problems start.


Diagnosis of High BP

Diagnosis of High BP

High BP testing is very simple. If your BP is found to be increased, then the doctor recommends conducting a BP test several times in a week. High blood pressure is not tested from the test of only one time. Doctor wants to know whether the problem persists or not, because sometimes due to environmental reasons, blood pressure may increase and anyway BP level keeps changing throughout the day.

If your BP continues to grow, then doctors will be able to detect and test underlying conditions.

These tests can be:

Urine test

Cholesterol screening


These tests help doctors identify other possible causes of high BP.

During this time doctors can start treatment of high BP. Initial treatment can reduce the risk of major damage.

Automatic machines can provide information about BP, but they may have some errors. The result of the test done by these machines depends on many factors, such as the right size of the band and the fair use of machines.


Treatment of High BP

Treatment of High BP

High BP can be dangerous because it can lead to heart attack, heart failure and kidney disease. The goal of treatment of high BP is to reduce the high BP and to protect against the necessary parts such as the brain, kidney and heart failure. It has been found in the research that treatment of high BP has reduced 35% -40% in stroke, 20% -25% in heart attack, and heart failure by more than 50%.

High BP is now classified as:

People under 60 years of age have blood pressure higher than 140/90

Blood pressure exceeding 150/90 people over 60 years of age

To avoid high blood, you should make changes in your lifestyle such as eating healthy diets, staying away from smoking, exercising more etc. Medicines are treated by people whose age is less than 60 years and blood pressure is more than 140/90 and treatment of those who are over 60 years old and blood pressure from 150/90 Is greater.

High BP is treated by making lifestyle changes and possibly by drug therapy –

Medicines for High BP Treatment

Lots of medicines are available to fix high BP, normal blood pressure medication are sometimes necessary for fast effect

Listed some of the High Blood Pressure medicines are:


Angiotensin-converted enzyme (AIG) inhibitors (Angiotensin-converting enzymes – ACE inhibitors)

Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs)



Calcium channel blockers



Renin inhibitors

Combination Medicines Usually high BP, those before them diuretic drug are advised to take (Diuretics).

If you have a medical problem, then your doctor can start another medication other than the diuretic medication. For example, ACE inhibitors are given to those people who have diabetes. If a medicine does not work then the medicine is increased or changed.

If your blood pressure is 20/10 points higher than normal blood pressure, then your doctor will start your medication with two medicines or conjunctive medicines.

Frequent screening of high BP

After taking high BP medicines, you should definitely get your doctor at least once a month, until your blood pressure is cured. Your doctor once or twice a year to check the health of your kidney, your blood plasma (diuretic drugs reduce it and ACE inhibitors and ARB medicines increase it) and other electrolytes and BUN / creatinine To check the level, you will check.

If your blood pressure is fine, even then you can get your doctor from every third to six months.

Changes in lifestyle to fix high BP

There is an important role in protecting the high BP of good lifestyle and preventing it from happening. You can bring your high BP reduction by following lifestyle changes:

If you are overweight then you lose weight immediately. (Read more – BMI )

Quit smoking.

Eat a healthy diet that has more fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products.

If you are high BP then you should reduce the amount of sodium in your diet by 1500 mg per day. Healthy adults try to avoid sodium intake more than 2300 milligrams per day (about one teaspoon of salt).

Exercise daily aerobic exercise (such as walking fast for 30 minutes daily)

Take control of alcohol consumption.

Along with reducing blood pressure, all these measures increase the effectiveness of high BP medicines.

Some other tips for High BP

The main reason for high blood pressure (high BP) is our inappropriate lifestyle. Bad diet, lack of exercise, stress, etc. are due to hypertension. Treatment of this disease is only within the problem. You can effectively control high blood pressure with some changes in your diet and lifestyle. Here you have been instructed to take a little change in your diet and lifestyle to control high blood pressure. With this help you can control your high blood pressure:

The perfect dietary
diet for hypertension plays an important role in the treatment of any disease. Proper diet can help to control your high blood pressure. Take care of whatever you are eating You gently chew your food gently and eat it. Eat just at the right time. Avoid late night meals. What to eat –

You keep the quantity of salt in your entire day diet to 1500-2400 milligrams. You try to eat vegetables only in raw form. Eat vegetarianism in your diet, because consuming highly protein-rich foods will not be good for you. You should eat fruits like watermelon, orange, banana, apple, mangoes, pears, papaya and pineapple which are very good to control hypertension. Eating watermelon seeds is a powerful remedy for hypertension.

In your diet, take cucumber, carrot, radish, cauliflower, onion and tomatoes as a salad, which will help you control your high blood pressure. You eat high amounts of magnesium, potassium, calcium and fiber in your diet as it will help keep your heart healthy.

Do not eat
Fatty foods because it has high cholesterol which can increase the level of hypertension in your blood. Meat and eggs should not be eaten. Avoid alcohol and smoking, alcohol consumption can sometimes be done (but not more than two drinks). Smoking increases heart rate, increasing blood pressure levels.

Do not consume excessive amount of spices, butter, ghee, pickle, tea and coffee. Consumption of high amounts of these may increase the problem of your high blood pressure, so take them less in the intake. Avoid caffeine as it can increase your blood pressure further. Do not include baking soda in the diet.


Yoga and exercise for High BP

Yoga and exercise for High BP

Overweight for high BP, the weight increases on the heart, thus there is a bad effect on the functioning of the heart. Regular physical exercise not only keeps you healthy, it helps to control body weight and also helps in better blood circulation. But avoid doing more exercise . You can walk only 30 minutes; This will be beneficial for you. This will help you get the essential vitamin D from sunlight. Due to the lack of vitamin D, there is a high blood pressure problem.

Yoga practice too will be very beneficial for you. For this , you will find Dhanurasan , Tadasan, Vajrasan , Shalabhasan and Bhujangasan Like yoga can do. These are extremely beneficial in your high blood pressure problem. Restrain yourself from the practice of relaxation like pranayama and meditation. High blood pressure patients are given 90 minutes of daily exercise like walking etc.

Complications of High BP

High BPs have a lot of stress on the walls of our arteries. This leads to damage to our blood cells and the organs present in our body. The more blood pressure it is, the more it will be uncontrolled and the greater the damage.

Having high BPP can be the following:

Heart attack – 
High BP leads our cells to become thick and hard, due to which heart attacks or other complications occur.

Aneurysm – 
High BPs produce our cells weak and outward, making arteriosclerosis (excessive inflammation in the arterial wall). It may also be known to break the aneurysm.

Heart stops – By
pumping blood against high pressure in your cells, our heart muscles become thick. In the end, thick muscles will have difficulty in fulfilling the needs of our bodies and they will not be able to pump enough blood, due to which the heart may fail.

Having weak and contracted blood cells in the kidney – your kidneys do not work properly.

Being weak or narrowed by the eyes of the blood cells:
this can lead to eyesight.

Metabolic syndrome – 
This symptom is a group of disorders related to the body’s metabolism. For example – increased waistline, high triglycerides, low high-density lipoprotein (HDL, also called “good cholesterol”), high BP, high levels of insulin . In such circumstances, you can develop diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and heart attack.

Difficulty to understand or remember – 
Uncontrolled high BP can influence your thinking, remembering and learning ability. Memory problems are common among people with high BP.

Reduce stress to reduce blood pressure
It is important to stay away from stress to treat hypertension. Stress and unhappiness can further increase the problem of heart disease. So try to avoid stressful situations and keep yourself happy. For this, you can listen to music, do pranayama or anything else that will please you.

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