Home Made Remedies for Hormonal Imbalance and Irregular Periods

hormonal-imbalanace-and-irregular periods

The female body is a beautiful creation of Mother Nature. A female can tolerate anything which comes to her body be in pain or disease and still they live their lives and complete their daily tasks without fail.

Their body and health change a lot with different stages of their age.

Women sometimes suffer from certain diseases or problems which they often hesitate to talk about.

Hormonal imbalance and irregular periods these are the two problems which are common and are connected to each other.

Menstrual Cycle is a monthly menses cycle in women and 28 days are considered to be correct for menses.

Also, it can delay 3 to 4 days or it can occur 3 to 4 days early.


It also causes a lot of problems like periods to occur twice in one month, very early or even no menstrual cycle for two to three months or extremely late periods and also very less or excessive bleeding.

Problems like these take a huge turn into serious diseases which give birth to different other diseases.

This has many causes but ESTROGEN is the main cause of this.

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Understanding Estrogen Hormone

Estrogen is a type of hormone which is found in both male and female bodies but it has a huge significance for the female body.


Estrogen hormones have a huge influence in the female body from their body growth, body composition and menstrual cycle to pregnancy and because of these hormones, a female gets her puberty.

The balance of these hormones in the body is very important but because it takes care of monthly menstrual cycle, maintains cholesterol levels, keeps the bones strong and also affects our heart skin and muscles.

Ovaries are the main source of estrogen hormones in a female body.


Problems causes due to Hormone Imbalance are

The imbalance of these hormones can cause problems like

Problems causes due to Hormone Imbalance

Irregular Periods

Feeling Warm and Excessive Sweat,

Problems in sleeping or While sleeping

Vaginal Dryness

Mood Swings

Weight Loss

LacKing Sexual Desire


Dry Skin

All these are the symptoms of low estrogen hormones.

On the other hand, if these hormone levels are high then it causes

Weight Gain  especially below Waist

Very less Bleeding during Periods

Feeling irritated during periods


Period cycle continuity for many days

Breast Pain


All these problems are caused because of the high level of estrogen hormones.

This is a serious problem and can grow more with time which can cause problems in getting pregnant as well.

If not cured in time then the only option to cure it is with expensive operations.


Homemade Remedies for Imbalance Hormone and Irregular Periods

We bring to you some BEST homemade remedies which can balance the hormone responsible for irregular periods and can cure this problem very easily.

Some important to note information with which you will be able to get rid of this problem once and for all.

Beetroot and Carrot Juice

The first Remedy for Hormonal Imbalance and Irregular Periods is beetroot and carrot juice.


Take equal quantity of carrot and beetroot to make their juice and drink it every morning.

it increases the hemoglobin levels in the body.

It is also rich in iron which is very effective for irregular periods and if you have a problem of less bleeding during periods or irregularity of periods then you should consume this juice daily.

Apart from this, you can also drink bottle gourd juice which is called Loki.

This juice is very effective for curing excessive bleeding or irregular periods.


Wheatgrass Home Remedy for Irregular Periods

People who eat a lot of junk food or who consume medicines regularly or who consume contraceptive pills they also face Hormonal Imbalance and Irregular Periods.


It is important to detoxify their bodies.

For that very effective medicine is wheet grass juice.

Wheatgrass can be grown in our homes because it grows in 5 to 7 days.

Once you grow wheatgrass you can cut it and after a good wash, you can make its juice for consumption.

If you want you can get the wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass powder online as well.

Wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll, which helps in digestion cleaning the blood and increasing blood levels in the body.

You will have to consume this juice on an empty stomach and after consuming this juice you don’t have to consume anything till one hour.

If you consume this juice for one month without fail then the hormonal imbalance and irregular periods get cured.


Sesame Seed Powder and  Ginger Powder Home Remedy

Apart from this, there is one more remedy.

For this, you have to take half a spoon of sesame seeds powder.

Half a spoon of ginger powder and 1 spoon jaggery and mixed them well all together.

Well if you don’t get jaggery anywhere then you can also use honey.

After that put this mix in one tumbler of water and boil this water till the water boils halfway.

Once the water is boiled halfway then filter it and after cooling it you can consume this drink.

You have to consume this drink every morning and evening and if you consume the drink for at least two months and the problem of irregular periods can be cured.


Spinach Aloe Vera and Raw Papaya Juice Remedy

Apart from this, you can also consume spinach aloe vera and Raw Papaya juice.

You should consume at least one juice every morning and evening because it helps in curing almost all problems related to periods.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Irregular Periods

Apart from these, you can take some Ayurvedic remedies also


Rosewood Leave Juice

If there is excessive bleeding during periods or periods occur before time then you can consume rosewood leave juice also which is known as Sheesham.

You can get rosewood leaves at any ayurvedic store or online store.

Rosewood juice cures excessive bleeding during periods and also cures irregularity of monthly period cycle.

You can also use Rose root juice with bottle gourd juice.






Apart from this, you can also use Ashwagandha for curing this.

Ashwagandha is a very effective herb for curing hormonal imbalance and irregular periods.

You can consume much for ASHWAgandha every morning and evening with milk and you can get it easily at any local ayurvedic store.

if you have a problem of irregular periods, weight loss week body and low hormones level then you can start consuming Ashwagandha.

With all these homemade remedies for irregular periods, you should know some.


Important points and causes of Irregular Periods.

If you have irregular periods and less bleeding then 5 to 6 days prior to your monthly period cycle you should not consume any type of food or drinks which are cold.

If your weight is too much or too low then you should try to control it according to your age and height.

Do not consume any food which increases fats.

Try not to consume tea and coffee. Tea and coffee have caffeine which causes problems related to periods.

Sudden weight gain or weight loss also causes period related problems.

If you do extreme exercises to reduce weight it can cause irregular periods.

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Apart from this if you consume medicines or you keep unwell or if you consume contraceptive pills then this could be another reason for irregular periods

Stress is also one of the biggest reasons for hormonal imbalance.

We should try to live a stress-free life and we should do exercises and yoga daily to stay healthy.

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