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A cough is one of the most common health problems. When a barrier or discomfort is present in your throat or upper airway, then your brain signals your body to remove this irritant from coughing.

The cough may also be due to a viral infection, stomach, flu , smoking and health problems such as asthma, tuberculosis and lung cancer.

(Read more – due to tuberculosis ) Some of the symptoms of a cough are sore throat, chest pain and blood clotting. Instead of using over-the-counter cough syrup, you can do some natural remedies using easily available ingredients in your kitchen.

Here are the 10 home remedies for a cough.

1. Home Remedy of Turmeric for Cough

Turmeric for Cough

Turmeric is an Ayurvedic herb. A turmeric cough, especially on a dry cough, has a therapeutic effect.

Heat a half cup of water in a boiling pot. Mix one spoon turmeric powder and one spoonful of black pepper powder. You can also mix cinnamon. Boil it for two to three minutes. Mix one big spoon of honey in it. Drink it on a daily basis until the condition improves.

Another way to use turmeric – fry turmeric root and grind it as a soft powder. Drink this mixture twice a day with water and honey.

2. Home Recipe of Cough and Ginger

home remedy for cough ginger

Ginger is one of the most popular natural treatments for cough.

Cut fresh ginger into small slices and grind them slightly. Boil them with a cup of water and boil them. Drink this herbal solution for three to four times a day for sore throat and frequent cough relief. You can also add some lemon juice and honey to it.
You can chew raw fresh ginger throughout the day to reduce your cough.

3. Lemon is another Homemade Medicine for a Cough

home remedy for cough lemon

Lemon can also be used to cure a cough. Lemon properties reduce inflammation and provide infection fighters vitamins.

Cough syrup can be made by combining two large spoons lemon juice and one big spoon honey. Take this syrup several times a day.
Another way to use lemons – mix a little honey, a pinch of red chili and lemon juice and drink it.

4 Get Rid of a Cough with Garlic

garlic and honey home remedy for cough

Garlic contains both antibacterial and antimicrobial components that help a cure cough.

Boil two to three garlic cloves in one cup of water and mix one teaspoon oatmeal. Allow its temperature to cool down, then add some honey and drink it. This will help in breathing and other cough symptoms.

By taking a few drops of ground garlic, clove oil and mixing some honey, you will get relief from a sore throat. You can also use garlic in cooking.

5. Onions and Honey Home Remedy for a Cough

honey and onion for cough home remedy

The easiest home remedy for cough is to cut onion. Inhalation in this strong vapor can help in preventing cough.

You can also make cough medicines from baked onion juice, comfrey tea and honey. Drinking it daily gives relief from dry cough.
Another option is to mix half a teaspoon of onion juice with a small half spoon pure honey. Drink at least twice a day to cure cough and calm the throat.

6. Hot Milk and Honey

hot milk with honey home remedy for cough

Hot milk with honey can reduce the pain in the chest caused by dry cough and continuous cough. For the best result, drink it every day before sleeping. For an extra benefit from honey’s analgesic properties, take a spoon of honey in the empty stomach. This will help to clean up mucus and calm the throat.

7. Red Pepper

red pepper syrup for cough

Due to continuous cough, red pepper helps in chest pain. It is hot and it is also stimulating besides.

To make a healthy cough syrup – Prepare the mixture by mixing one fourth spoon red chillies, one quarter spoon ginger, one spoonful of honey, one spoonful apple apple vinegar and two tablespoons of water. Drink this syrup twice a day, three times a day.

8 Avoid Cough with Carrot Juice

carrot juice for cough

Carrots contain many vitamins and nutrients which can help in various symptoms of cough.

Make juice from four to five fresh carrots and mix some water to dilute it. To taste and gain more, one small spoon of honey can also be mixed.
Drink carrot juice three to four times in a day until symptoms improve.

9. Grapes are another Home Remedy for a Cough

grapes for cough

The grapes acts as a cough syrup to remove the sputum from the affected parts of your respiratory system. The faster you will get relief from the cough, the faster you will get relief from the cough. You can eat grapes directly or make some fresh grapes juice. Grape juice with a spoonful of honey will be soothing and effective.

10 Almonds – The Best Home Remedy for a Cough

almond home remedy for cough

Almonds have nutritional properties which play an active role in the treatment of cough symptoms.

Soak five to six almonds in water for 8 to 10 hours.
Take out the soaked almonds and prepare a smooth paste and mix one teaspoon of butter.
Eat it three to four times a day until your symptoms go away.

This home remedies you that the various symptoms of coughing can give relief without any side effects that can occur with pills and cough syrup. But if you have more than two weeks of a cough, consult your doctor.

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