Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

home remedies for high bp

Nowadays the lifestyle of people has changed greatly. Increasing dependence on machines has undoubtedly made our life easier, but this has given us many diseases. Hypertension is one of these. Although this disease may seem small, but this is the main reason for having heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. It is important to keep high blood pressure in control. Let’s know some home remedies that balance and control your blood pressure.

Home remedies for high blood pressure

Reduce Use of Salt

Salt is a major factor in increasing blood pressure. Therefore, people of high BP should reduce the use of salt.


Use of Garlic

Garlic is a very helpful home remedy to repair blood pressure. It does not let the blood clot grow. And keeps cholesterol under control.

Amla Juice

By taking a big spoon amla juice and so much honey and taking it in the morning and evening, high blood pressure is beneficial.


Pepper Powder

When blood pressure is increased, then add half a glass of hot pepper powder in a warm water and drink a spoon and drink it at 2-2 hour intervals.



Grind the melon seeds of the watermelon and grind them into equal amounts and grind them. Take a spoon of it daily in the morning.


For quick control of increased blood pressure, squeeze half lemon in half a glass of water and drink it for 2-2 hours.


Basil Leaves

Grind five basil leaves and two neem leaves, dissolve them in 20 grams of water and drink empty stomach morning. In 15 days profit will be seen.



Papaya also benefits a lot for patients with high blood pressure, chew and chew the empty stomach daily.

Green Grass

Take 10-15 minutes on bare feet green grass. By running daily, blood pressure becomes normal.


Cumin and Sugar Mixture

Make powdered with an equal quantity of fennel, cumin, sugar, and all three equal quantities. Mix one spoon mixture into a glass of water and drink it twice a day.


Mixing spinach and carrot juice, drink a glass of juice in the morning and evening, it will be beneficial.



Berries and Sahajan puffs are very beneficial for high blood pressure patients.


Wheat and Gram Bread

Eat chewing among bread went created equal amounts of flour of wheat and gram, do not remove the bran flour.


Brown Rice

Use Brown Rice This high blood pressure is very beneficial for the patient.

Online Garlic and Ginger

Like onions and garlic, ginger is also very beneficial. They also get relief from muscles around the arteries, which cause high blood pressure.

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