How to get my toddler to eat


How to get my toddler to eat?

I’m gonna tell you that this is quite a hectic job but there are like top 3 tips I would recommend that hope will find beneficial.

So remember that toddlers are you know Preschoolers that age they do not eat like adults.

Meaning their portions are different, their time schedules are different they really don’t care about food

They just want to play

So my recommendation for you moms out there would be one is

1 Tip Make sure they have a great schedule

1o does your child eat three meals and two to three snacks a day?

Toddlers Notorious for being Grazers

Which means they can drink milk in between meals and snacks.

They may eat between meals and snacks

All of that is going to completely disrupt

How they eat their next meal?

So make sure that they are sticking to a schedule.

2 Tip Provide New Food items ever time

They like nothing new and so we want to make sure that they see something new all the time.

So put a new food on their plate they do not have to eat it we are not here to force-feed anyone.

but they need to see it and maybe they need to have some hand in some food prep.

maybe they get to help you wash the salad that they may not eat.

but if they have some you know time with that salad they get to clean it there tends to be a little more buy-in down the road.

3 Tip Do not have a food fight at the dining table

My third tip is to do not have a food fight at the table which means no parent is allowed to get stressed over what their kiddo is eating at dinner.

Your kids will eat I promise

But the minute you guys get in a fight over how much they’re eating or what they’re eating if that toddler is gonna win that struggle I promise.

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