How to get Periods Immediately in One day Home Remedies

Periods are also commonly called MC (menstrual cycles), menstruation or menstrual period. In adult women, it is a natural process related to the body. Many times women may not have regular menstruation due to this. Often, the dislocation of hormones, physical condition, eating habits, behavior, and mental conditions affect menstruation.

Even if a woman is a virgin or a married person, after having sex, not having periods becomes a cause of grave concern, as it is commonly believed that the woman is pregnant. There is also a time during the menstrual cycle which is also called Safe Period, Because at this time if a couple makes sex or sex, then the probability of pregnancy is not equal. But sometimes your sensual desires awaken, then you can not wait for this safe or the right time.

But it also keeps you in danger of being pregnant with it. If you want a quick working recipe, use the market-selling contraceptive pills. But these products are synthetic, which can be harmful to you. Apart from this, if you become completely dependent on this medicine, you may also have many physical problems.

So it would be better to choose a safe alternative to deal with the risk of pregnancy. The natural remedies for starting periods immediately to prevent pregnancy have led to happiness in the lives of all the women who became very nervous when they did not have periods. We will tell you some such safe home remedies to get Periods Immediately in One day which are effective: –

Increase body temperature (Increase Body Heat)

Try to increase your body temperature to start periods. To do this, take a bath with hot water or use heating pads and hot packs. By increasing the body temperature, your stomach muscles get relief. This leads to the spread of blood cells, which in turn leads to the spread of uterine cells and starts menstruation again.

Castor Oil and Hot Water Bag

Both of these products can be found at your home easily, and with the help of these help your menstrual cycle or periods come in very quick, as a result you can stop your pregnancy. In CastorOil, the uterus and ovaries have the properties of blood circulating smoothly and they are also helpful in softening the lesion cells. To get results within two days, wet a cloth with the help of Castoroyle, place it on the lower part of your stomach and place a hot water bag on that cloth. Leave it like this for 10 to 15 minutes. Use it 2 to 3 times a day. It will get better results.

Coconut Water

Raw coconut water contains many natural ingredients that cause the uterine cells to function and cause jerking. With this help you can start your periods in just one day. For this, remain empty stomach for approximately 5 hours in the morning, although in the middle you can consume water. Take 300 to 400 ml of fresh raw coconut water in a glass and drink it slowly. After this, do your lunch. This will definitely give you excellent results.


Most women use aspirin to prevent pregnancy. After using it, your periods will only happen when you want them. Take half a cup of water for this, add 2 aspirin in it and crush it, mix it well in water and drink it. With this experiment, your periods can start on time even after sex. This remedy is not completely safe and in many situations, after taking aspirin, there is a problem of not having periods.

Menstrual synchrony

Menstrual synchrony is a completely new psychological remedy associated with man’s psychology. Being a woman, if you spend time with women whose periods are on a fixed schedule, your body also mentally interacts with them and your periods begin to happen at their own time. It is said so that if a woman whose periods are not happening, then she will start having periods faster of her days, even if she touches her. This recipe is based on psychology, it can not be considered too effective.

Measures to prevent pregnancy are Birth Control Pills

Breath Control Pills is a very easy way to quickly remove the problem of your pregnancy. For this, you will have to take two to three tablets daily and your periods will start without any problems. Some women are also involved in continuous sex process. Such women should take the same pills which are safe. For this, contact a gynecologist, so that he may suggest you take a berth control pill that according to your body. If your doctor has certified any medication itself then there is little chance of having a side effect. Berrum control pills are used daily, they are more safe than many pills that are used to stop the pregnancy immediately.

The best way to prevent pregnancy is to plan ahead (planning before)

The best way to prevent pregnancy and to start periods after sex is to have a good idea, to plan ahead and make a connection. Whenever you are spending a sensual time with your partner and are keen to have sex, then first talk to them about this matter with them. Assess your periodic cycle and mark the safe day, if you do this, then without any protection, the probability of getting pregnant will be very low.

Hot and spicy food in pregnant domestic remedies

If you feel that your periods are not starting after the end of your periodic cycle, then you should start eating only hot and spicy food. Due to such diversity in the food, heat will be transmitted in your body and as a result, your pyridic bicycle will start immediately. This will be a great solution in those situations when you feel that your periods are delayed and because of this you think that you are not pregnant either.

Tips for Pregnancy prevention from Vitamin C 

Many times Vitamin-C is also very effective on small or delayed periods. You only have to choose some of the fruits that contain Vitamin C in abundance. Vitamin C is a great product that produces estrogen in the part of your uterus. Contraction occurs in the uterus and the blood coming in the period of periods, which inevitably comes out from the breakdown of the contaminated egg, which we call period is easily regulated. You can eat plenty of vitamins-rich food to start periods immediately.

Papaya for regular periods in menstruation

Both raw or cooked papaya are popular for helping prevent pregnancy. Periods begin with its intake, which is a sign of no pregnancy. If you are waiting for periods after sex and you are afraid that you have not been pregnant due to lack of caution, then start regular drinking papaya to avoid this danger. The papayas are hot enough, which prevents pregnancy.

(Pineapple to start periods again)

Ananya is also seen as a remedy to avoid pregnancy, many women also use it to drop unwanted pregnancy. Pineapple contains enzymes which help in natural abortion, due to which the periods begin.

Start the Periods faster after eating jaggery (Jaggery)

Jugs will get you comfortable in your kitchen. Its consumption is done to keep the body warm while running winter in winter. It keeps the body warm by increasing blood circulation in the body. If you have to bring your periods ahead of time, then eat jaggery.

Fenugreek seeds

Properties of fenugreek seeds can redefine your period. If you have sex recently, fenugreek seeds can remove the anxiety of your pregnancy. Put Fenugreek seeds (three spoons) in one liter of water. Allow it to be kept all night and boil this mixture of water and fenugreek seeds in the morning until you see the surface of water only above the grain of fenugreek. Drink it regularly after being lukewarm.

Cumin (Cumin)

Cumin is a treasure of many health qualities. Sprinkled cumin in irregular menstruation can be used. Take two spoons of cumin and soak it in water at night and eat both empty stomachs in the morning. To regulate menstruation, you will need to drink this water every morning.


Cinnamon not only helps to enhance the taste of your dishes but also contributes significantly to regularizing your monthly cycle. Cinnamon is an extremely hot spice masala. It provides a warm effect within your body. Take a glass of hot milk and add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it.


To start the menstrual cycle early, boil the mole in warm water in the morning and drink for one week. Periods will start within a week.

Reasons for not having periods

Once you have sex with your partner, then you start worrying about your periods. At this time if your periods are delayed, you slowly become quite restless. You should also keep in mind that the only reason for the delay in periods is not to get pregnant. Periods may be delayed due to concerns and anxieties in mind. So you should also think about other factors that cause your periods to be late. Other factors are also accountable due to the fact that sex does not interfere with your periods.

Change in Hormones

If your daughter is aged 12 to 14 years old and her period has started just a few months ago, then you do not have to worry about delay in its periods. There are many changes in hormones at this time, and some girls initially have an irregular menstrual discomfort problem which is correct in a short time. This is very common thing.

Excessive exercise

Beautiful and toned body is the dream of every girl today and girls exercise more than they need to get it. In this case, there is a problem of delay or mis-menstruation. Many times the periods are closed for the whole year.

Drugs are consumed by delayed periods (Medicines)

Sometimes, due to some diseases, medicines have to be consumed for a long time and in such cases there is a problem of delay in menstruation. But it remains only for a short time, periods become normal when the use of medicines is stopped.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

One reason for not coming or delaying periods of periods is also the PCI of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). It is a disease that women have. In this, the women become symptom in the ovary or uterus.


Obesity is also one of the reasons for menstruation delay. Increased weight leads to changes in the hormones in the body, causing periods to be delayed or delayed. To address this, it is essential that you adopt a healthy routine. Control your weight by exercising and balanced diet.

Weight loss

Many times when you do crash dieting to lose weight and then the body does not get the necessary nutrients. Because of this eating disorder, there is irregularity in menstrual cycle.


Due to the birth of a child after the birth of a child, the reason for the delay is also because of the changes in hormones in women’s body.

Weight is less than usual due to delay in periods.

Decreased weight is also the reason for change in menstruation. Because of this, the estrogen hormone is not formed in the proper amount of women in the body, so that the periods become irregular. By getting a bit of weight, you can get rid of this problem.

Stress is the reason for delay in menstruation (Reason of delay in Periods- Stress)

Tension is very common in today’s times and the direct effect of this tension falls on menstrual period. Due to long-term stress, hormones called cortisol and adrenaline start to be emitted from the body of women, which affect the monthly cycle.


Periods are delayed due to diabetes. It is due to the rising sugar level in the body.

Thyroid leads to late menstruation

Menstrual period is delayed due to thyroid. Because of this, the monthly cycle is affected, the periods of having missions are beginning to be difficult. It is important to keep checking the thyroid from time to time.

Many times the menstrual period is delayed due to diet, routine and sleep.

Drinking and smoking are also the cause of irregularity in periods.

Keep these precautions during the periods (Precautions during the Periods)

In these five days of the month, women have to face many problems, there may be a lot of harm for a little negligence. Now let us tell you some precautions that you should take during the periods.

Use of a single pad

Most women use the same pad throughout the day or use clothes instead. By doing so, the risk of infection is greatly increased. Many times this also causes the cancer. Therefore, the pad should be changed every 4-5 hours.

Blood clots

Many times blood clots appear with menstrual bleeding during menstrual period, which generally ignores women. Do not take it lightly and should be shown to the doctor immediately.

Waxing and Threading

During the menstruation the skin becomes very delicate, so during this time no waxing or threading should be done. This increases the risk of skin infections very much.

Exercise should not be done during menstruation. Because doing this causes more bleeding problems. Therefore, it should be a lot of rest in the periods.

During menstruation, women should take care of the cleanliness of their private parts. Bathing should be done daily.

The above suggested natural and home remedies can be tried for early start of periods, however, if the time gap in the menstrual cycle is very high then it would be better to show a gynecologist as if you stopped the pregnancy Taking such treatment may have to face physical pain. Try the above home routines so that they can get a lot of benefit.

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