How to Get Rid of Acne Home Remedies

How to get rid of acne Home Remedies

If you are teenager acne is unfortunate, but a natural part of going from childhood to adulthood. The significant hormonal changes play a big role in causing your outbreaks. For adults, this is a sign of a local infection, internal toxicity or hormonal imbalance brought on by poor diet, heavy menstruation, pre-menopause, stress, birth control pills, poor nutrition or reduced immune function. In any case, your skin is producing too much sebum; a thick oily fluid that blocks up your pores. We hae discussed all Home Remedies of How to Get Rid of Acne. 

While things like chocolate and soda have often gotten the blame for acne, it more an imbalance going on then anything. That said, diet and hygiene do play a role in cutting down on outbreaks. Stress is another factor that plays a tremendous role in both teens and adults. Learning how to get stress under control will help you in many ways including the reduction of acne outbreaks.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne

Intake enough Quantity of Zinc

One of your first home remedies to get rid of Acne and defense against other skin issues is to make sure you are getting enough Zinc along with other important nutrients.

take zinc food to get rid of Acne - Home Remedies

Zinc is a necessary mineral that is needed for the body to naturally heal itself and specifically for the health of your skin and nerve tissue. 

Many environmental causes destroy Zinc or reduce our bodies ability to properly absorb and utilize it. Processed foods, car fumes, and drugs, ( prescription and over the counter), are all examples of things that cause the average person to have too little zinc for a healthy body and skin.

Good sources of zinc are fish, shellfish, eggs and whole grains like oatmeal, rye and barley, and ground flaxseed. It is often necessary for many to supplement to get the zinc you need. But remember that it is called a supplement for a reason. If you try to get all of this mineral from a pill you will miss out on the hundreds of other components that help this mineral to work at optimal levels.

Start including more of the foods mentioned and supplement to make sure you are getting a full days supply. Since zinc and copper reduce absorption of one another you need to also take copper. Acne home remedies vitamin and mineral therapy is as follows: 2-3 milligrams of Copper a day, 500(IU) of vitamin E, 10,000 (IU) of vitamin A, and 15 milligrams of Zinc a day.

Ginger Water

Mix one teaspoon of ground ginger into a cup of hot water and drink as a tea twice daily. Ginger reduces inflammation making it one of the great acne home remedies.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an inexpensive essential oil and has been shown to be as effective as Benzoyl peroxide and is a natural antimicrobial making it another one of the great acne home remedies.

A mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide

For fewer outbreaks and shorter durations of outbreaks, many have had great success using a mild disposable scrubbing pad soaked in 3 oz of hot water with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide three times daily to get rid of acne – home remedies.

Eat Cold Sea Water Fish

Above we mentioned fish but specifically as one of your home remedies to get rid of Acne you should be eating more of is cold sea water fish. These fish have natural fatty oils, omega 3 that will keep skin supple and youthful while fighting toxins and helping to regulate hormones which aid in keeping down oily skin, (fight oil with oil, fatty fish oil that is). The Japanese are world famous for having clear, youthful skin well into middle age in part because of a diet high in brown rice and cold water fish.

EatNutritional Diet

Also, remember that stress is a major contributor to acne as it activates the male hormone “androgen”,(yes, even in women), which turns up the oil production of your skin. Check out the information on this site about a nutritional based diet that can help the body balance hormones and other chemical and biological functions in the body to level mood, feelings and a sense of well being as well as meditation and spiritual practices that can calm the mind and focus the spirit to reduce stress and stress-related illness.

Primrose Oil Capsule

As one of your herbal acne home remedies, take 500-milligrams of evening primrose oil in capsule form from the health store. If you want a less expensive alternative that also works very well, try 500-milligrams of black currant oil in capsule form. Take for three to four months or until outbreaks end, whichever comes first.

A paste of Elm powder and Echinacea Tincture

As another one of the great herbal acne home remedies, mix one level teaspoon of slippery elm powder with enough echinacea tincture to make a thick paste. Mix until smooth. Put paste on acne bump and place around band-aid over and leave for 90 minutes, then remove.

A mixture of Dandelion Root and Burdock Root

As one of the great herbal acne home remedies for internal use, Mix 10g of dandelion root with 5g of burdock root with 3 cups (750), of water. Divide into 3 doses and drink one in the morning, at noon and one in the evening. Dandelion is a natural diuretic and should not be used for extended time. If you still need something after the first-day mix 10g of echinacea root with 3 cups, (750 ml), of water. Take in 1/3 amounts over the day.

Drink Juice

One of the excellent acne home remedies is to juice it. Mix 1 part ginger, 1 part beet juice, 3 part carrot juice, 1 part flax oil and 2 parts water. This will clear the complexion from the inside out and make your skin supple and healthy.

Enjoy Yoga Daily

Yoga is one of the secret ways to get ride of acne home remedies of many of the Japanese stars. By learning some of the basic poses such as the standing sun, cobra and knee squeeze you can increase blood flow to your face, flush away toxins and increase nutrients to your skin in just 12 – 21 minutes a day.

Get Rid of Acne with Imagination

Harvard, Yale, and other Universities have found that imagination is not just for kids. As one of your army of acne home remedies use your mind to restore the health of your skin and rid you of unsightly pimples.

Do Medication on a daily Basis

Follow the meditation techniques on this site to calm and relieve stress. In addition, before you finish your daily meditation, imagine you are floating up toward the sun. Imagine that the sun is filling you with the warmth and white light of creation. Your entire body is getting so warm you begin to sweat.

As the sweat comes out of your body it brings with it all the toxins that are causing your acne. See the dark and yellow and brown ooze coming out. Feel your body releasing all the stress and build up of waste in your body. See it coming out. Imagine how refreshed you feel now that you are clean and healthy inside. Do this daily. With practice, it shouldn`t add more than 5 extra minutes to your meditation time.

Remember that food and herbs have very real effects and sometimes interact with medications and health conditions in a variety of ways. If you are on medication, under a doctors care or of less then optimal health, please consult your doctor or health care professional before trying these or any other remedies. So Most of the Points has been cleared in this Article of How to Get Rid of Acne Home Remedies. You can share it with your friends.

 Illness and disease is an imbalance of body, mind, and spirit. Health is achieved by re-balancing these things in harmony with God and creation. Eat more fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, seeds, and whole grains along with daily meditation, prayer and spiritual pursuit of your choice to regain a true state of health.

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