How to Make your Period Come Faster

make your periods faster

Sometimes there is a situation when we are going on a few holidays or are participating in some important program and are concerned about the date of their menstrual cycle.

The best way is to have a quick period of menstruation so that you can remain 100 percent stress-free. There are many natural methods that are helpful in bringing menstruation to time and are absolutely safe.

When it may be necessary to bring the Periods early?

There may be several reasons for early periods. Many times such situations occur when women are required to bring menstruation early. Apart from this delayed menstruation begins to cause many problems.

For this reason, coming on time for Mahavivara is considered right for women. Under what circumstances women need to get early periods and why women are having such a requirement, these reasons are being explained further.

Going for a Party

Going to a party or ceremony Many times women need to go to a party or ceremony. In the meantime, to avoid other problems in periods, women save the option of getting them soon. Such women also think because most women during the period of periods suffer from pain and stomach ache problems. Due to these problems, women are not happy with the happy moments of the party and the Samrooh. To avoid this situation, women feel the need to get their periods soon.

Irregular menstrual

Cycle is considered irregular in the menstrual cycle, and it is also believed to be a major cause of early menstruation.

Periods are between 20 to 32 days of women’s menstrual cycle routine. When this cycle of having menstruation gets irregular, women begin to experience many kinds of problems. In the process of correcting these problems, women need to bring menstruation soon.

Menopause affects menstrual cyclone Menopause

Menopause The condition of menopause seems to be overwhelming. The problem of menopause affects your periods. This makes your periods irregular. You can not do anything yourself in this problem. In this case, you should seek advice from a specialist. (Read more – Symptoms of menopause )

Bringing Periods Early to Pregnancy In

Most women’s mind, the question remains whether pregnancy can be avoided by introducing periods early? The physical structure of women is done in such a way that they are able to give birth to the child.

But for women who are not prepared for pregnancy, this condition becomes a problem and it has a distant effect on both their mental and physical health.

For this reason, women who do not want to be pregnant, they start trying to make period come faster.


Breastfeeding is also included in the barriers to not getting the menstrual early. In fact, menstrual women who stop lactating often stop. This is due to the hormonal changes occurring in their body. While breastfeeding, many women want their periods to become faster and regular.

Reasons for Delay in Menstruation

Reasons for Delay in Menstruation

If you are not pregnant, then delay in your menstrual period indicates many problems. Due to these problems, not only does your menstruation go beyond the prescribed time period, but sometimes it does not happen as well.

It points toward hormonal changes in your body and many medical conditions. Generally, the phase of menstruation and the time of menopause in the life of women are considered two halves when their periods become irregular.

In both of these situations, there are many different types of changes in the body of the woman, which results in this.

Women who do not have menopause, They get periods in a 28-day interval. While there are usually periods between 21 to 35 days in women.

If you do not have periods in between 21 to 35 days then this period is considered to be delayed. The reasons for delays in menstruation are being explained in detail below.

The reason for delays in periods is stress 

Stress affects your hormones. Not only this, it also has adverse effects on the brainstorming process that operates your daily routine and periods. Along with this, stress causes you to get sick and increase weight and decrease. These changes on the body due to stress cause periods to be irregular.

If you want to take regular periods, you have to make changes in your daily routine and know about other ways to relieve stress. Many types of exercises can also help you keep stress free.

Weight loss is the reason for delays in menstruation

Due to the habit of eating disorders in women, the problem of delay in menstruation arises. Your physical process becomes unbalanced in the event of having a weight of ten kilos with the normal weight of your body. The effect of which falls on your menstruation.

Along with your weight loss, your ovulation process may also stop. For its treatment, you need to keep weight according to your length, only then you will be able to regulate your menstrual cycle regularly. Many women exercise. Exercising more than required may also irregular your menstrual cycle.

Obesity delays the menstrual cycle

The way the weight loss is delayed in your menstrual cycle, obesity also leads to delays in your menstrual cycle. Obesity is the main reason for many other problems. Doctors check the reasons for the delay in your menstrual cycle. If obesity is the reason for delay in your menstruation, then the doctor advises you to do a balanced diet plan and regular exercise.

Delay in months from Polycystic ovary syndrome, PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome, PCOS is the condition of women’s body, in which they start to develop androgen hormones within their body. This type of hormonal imbalance causes ulcers in your uterus to form.

This makes the process of your ovulation unbalanced, or it may stop the process. In this, there is an imbalance in the amount of insulin in your body, because polycystic ovary syndrome is related to controlling the amount of insulin.

 In the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, attention is taken to reduce the symptoms caused by it. In this, your doctor prescribes your menstrual cycle by giving birth control and other medicines.

The thyroid is another main reason for delays in Menstruation

The thyroid is also one of the main causes of menstruation delay. The thyroid regulates your body’s hormones and metabolism. Whereas the thyroid gland has less or more discharge of thyroid at the door, women’s menstruation is late. Treatment of thyroid disease is mainly done with medicines. After thyroid treatment, your menstrual is regenerated again.

Medicines to get early Periods

Often women want to know the medicines for early periods. But let’s tell you there is no medicine to bring up the menstrual cycle. Yet there are many websites on the Internet that write the name of the wrong medicine. This is an irresponsible thing from them, but without taking the advice of a doctor, you can have serious side effects.

Below we have mentioned about the medicine that some people and websites suggest as early morning medicines, but this is absolutely wrong.

Medicine to get Periods

Medicines to get early Periods

Primolut N is the name of the tablet that is coming soon, people who recommend it, but this drug is not used at all. In fact, Primolut N is used to treat certain menstrual problems, such as

Regular for irregular menstruation

To prevent more bleeding in menstruation

To reduce pain in menstrual periods

It is also used as a menstrual medicine, and not as a quick-release drug.

Apart from this, Primolut N is also used for the treatment of endometriosis.

In fact Primolut N is a drug called “progesterone” which acts as a female hormone ” progesterone “. Therefore, you may have side effects due to the misuse of this drug, which are described below.

There may be many side effects of Primolut N if it is not taken under the supervision of the doctor.

The common side effects of this are:

Facial hair growth

Breast growth

Weight gain

Feeling feeling bad



Dry mouth


To be depressed

Here are some rare and serious side effects:


Difficulty in breathing

Cough bleeding

Severe chest pain


Itching and rashes in the skin

Difficult to swallow

So do not take these medicines as such, and remember that there is no medicines for early periods.

If you want to make your Periods early and faster, then you can try using some Home Remedies. They will not hurt you and your periods may come quickly. Some such home remedies are described below.

Home Remedies to Get Periods early and Faster

home remedies to get periods faster

Papaya is the first remedy to get periods immediately in one hour

Papaya is rich in carotene. It can stimulate estrogen hormones which control the menstrual cycle in women. Papaya is used to regulate menstruation. It has been used in the form of domestic remedies for years.

 It keeps the heat of your body under control. This stimulates estrogen hormones and this causes your menstruation to become regular.

Apart from papaya, you can also include other carotene meals like pineapple, pumpkin, egg, carrot, spinach etc. in your diet.

Ginger Tea is another option to make period come faster

In this measure, you have enough 2 cup ginger tea in a day. To make it, take two to three spoons ginger. After this, put ginger in two cups of water and leave it for about ten minutes to cook on the gas. After this, close the gas and filter it and drink a little. If it does not taste good then you can add honey, lemon or basil leaves too.

Having Sex is another feasible solution to make your period come early

During sex , sex hormones are released (secreted) by your body which helps in bringing menstruation first. Apart from this, sex is also considered to be the best way to relieve stress.

Sex increases also increase the immunity of disease. Harmonic control of the body causes many other problems to be cured by itself. Therefore, it is also included in measures to regulate menstruation.

Water Pack is another good home remedy to get your period faster in one day

Did you know that hot water packs can also help bring early menstruation? All you have to do is keep a hot water pack on your lower abdomen for 10-15 minutes daily until you start menstruation.

The other item you castor oil can also use (castor oil). In this solution, you have to squeeze a cloth into castor oil. After this, keeping the cloth on the lower part of your stomach, it will have to keep the hot pine pack from above.

Make it stomach up to ten to fifteen minutes. In the same way, two to three times a day, stomach stomach. You also get relief from doing this and the periods are quick.

Taking Vitamin C also helps in early and faster periods

Eat more fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Eating these fruits causes estrogen hormone levels in the body. Vitamin C makes the layer inside the uterus strong and it is not difficult to have periods. Women can also eat fruit juice to take vitamin C. Apart from this , eating a tomato , broccoli and spinach also helps in the arrival of periods.

Stay away from Stress

During stress, you start to experience many types of diseases. Not only that, due to staying in tension, you also have an impact on your mental and physical health. Stress is the level of hormonal imbalance.

Which directly affects your menstrual cycle. If you want to bring menstruation fast, then you have to overcome the stress. For this, you can consult a doctor or reduce your stress by using yoga. By decreasing the stress, your periods will start at the right time or earlier.

Some Spices also helps in speed up your period

Fenugreek seeds – Boil the seeds in water, filter them and drink water.

Fennel seeds – Mix two teaspoons of fennel seeds in a glass of water at night, filter it and drink it in the morning.

Coriander seeds – Boil 1 teaspoon coriander seeds in two cups of water until it becomes a cup. Filter the seed and drink it three times a day for a few days.

Sesame seeds: Take one spoon of sesame seeds twice a day with hot water.

Coconut Water is another remedy to get periods immediately

Coconut water contains many such natural properties that make your uterus correct. You can use it to get menstrual expedition quickly.

You will have to eat empty stomach coconut water and still, you will not eat anything for about four to five hours.

Meanwhile, you can drink water. During this time you should drink about 300 to 400 milliliters of fresh coconut water gradually. You can also drink coconut water in the evening to get better results.

Sahajan Tree

With this Sahajan Remedy, your periods can make early and faster. Vitamins C, Vitamin A, and Orion are found abundant in the leaves and flowers of the Sahajan tree. It also works to avoid all vitamin pregnancy. You have to take a cup of sujasan leaves for its consumption.

After this, you take out their juice and after getting up in the morning, take this juice. Apart from this, you can consume this water with empty stomach by boiling water in the water with turmeric and salt.

This makes your periods faster. But if your blood pressure is low then do not do this remedy.

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