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Tobacco (tobacco) gutkha is a poison that kills the person who consumes slowly. People start eating tobacco gutkha in hobbies but later these hobbies are converted into addiction.

You do not get rid of this addiction even when you want to. Tobacco gutkha products are consumed in many forms, such as beedi, cigarette, gutkha, jarda, khaini, hookah, chilam To stay away from poison like tobacco, you must take some measures and methods.

With the help of these prescriptions, you will be able to remove the addiction of tobacco and gutkha.

In this article, we are telling you the domestic remedies, methods and prescriptions to quit tobacco. With the help of these remedies, you can easily quit tobacco and gutkha addiction.

Set aside a time to quit Gutkha Tobacco

If you want to quit gutka tobacco, then set a time to leave and stick to your decision. Do not leave tobacco gutkhagutkha is ingurious to health without any timing, because without any plans you can easily go back to old habits. So, set aside a time to leave, but do not be so strict in your plan anytime. Make yourself aware of how much you are accustomed to this addiction and then prepare your plan accordingly.

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Think of what you plan to do and change it. If you are chewing tobacco gutka for a long time, then gradually give yourself time to reduce addiction and reduce the addiction to eating gutkha tobacco at a fixed time. Give yourself some weeks or a month to quit tobacco gutka.

Learn the reason for leaving gutkha tobacco

quit chewimg tobacco habit

To quit tobacco gutka, first, identify some things that why you should leave tobacco addiction

Taking tobacco gutka can lead to cancer of the mouth, stomach cancer, throat cancer, and food poisoning. It can also lead to cardiac diseases such as heart attack.

Taking tobacco gutka, teeth, yellow , weak and gums are retreating from their pace yellow, o the continuous gutkha eating tobacco, teeth start to break down early and become mouth-related diseases and mouth-related diseases start to occur. (Read more – Measures to strengthen teeth )

Your precious time is wasted every day by buying and eating tobacco. Instead of buying tobacco gutkha, you can buy and eat chewing gum . Do not live with your friends who like to eat tobacco gutka

Taking tobacco gutka results in sourness in your relationships too. Because of this, you can talk to you to leave your tobacco gutkah.

For the sake of family members, you will have to think about this and in this way you will be able to quit tobacco and gutka faster. Apart from a life partner, you should think about your children and also those parents who gave birth to you. You have all these responsibilities.

Control your Desire to Quit Tobacco Gutkha

Many people have the desire to eat tobacco gutkha at any place or work. So recognize this desire and try to get rid of it.

Different people have the desire to eat tobacco gutka in many ways, such as after getting up in the middle of the night or after rising in the morning, after eating or after eating food, while driving, tension , anger, boredom While feeling, watching someone smoke or eating tobacco and gutka, while drinking coffee or alcohol , after sex , watching TV etc.

If you eat tobacco gutka several times throughout the day, then gradually reduce the amount of gutkha tobacco you take.

Do not stay with your friends who eat tobacco gutka or refuse to eat together. Do not go to the place from where you buy tobacco gutka or on a place where all these things are available. In this way you will be able to control your desire.

If you are getting a desire to eat tobacco gutka then get advice or help from your family members and friends. After gradually reducing the quantity of tobacco gutka, make sure that at the time you made sure to leave, you have left to eat tobacco gutka or not.

What to do after leaving Gutkha Tobacco?

Tobacco becomes a habit of your life, which is not easy to quit and it takes time to control the desire to eat your tobacco. When the day has come for you to quit smoking, ask yourself the following questions and answer them yourself.

We have created this list for you so that you can see how successful you are to quit smoking –

Are you taking a little bit of tobacco?

Are you able to control the desire to eat your tobacco?

Are you using any other alternative thing to leave tobacco?

Are you drinking enough water and juice?

Have you been able to follow your plan well?

Are you able to ignore the desire to eat tobacco?

Do you live away from people who eat tobacco?

Do you keep yourself busy, like in exercise or in other favorite interests? (Read more – The right time to exercise )

Are you ready to chew something else instead of tobacco when it is highly cited?

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