Introducing Peanut Butter to Baby

peanut butter to baby

The rate of peanut allergy has over doubled in the last decadeĀ and the questions always often asked Why is this occurred?

Peanut and peanut butter were not supposed to be fed to young children until the age of 3. This recommendation with actually made an attempt to decrease the rate of peanut allergy. But over time it seems that this was a really bad way to introduce peanut because the rate of peanut allergy seems to increase shortly after.

In the year 2008, this recommendation was taken away and dead it was advised for all Terrence to feed their young infants any food that was considered safe to eat meaning something that wasn’t a choking hazard.

This was then studied by a group in the United Kingdom trying to figure out what made sense.

Should we have an early introduction or delayed introduction to foods and what was determined was that if infants were fed peanuts or peanut butter at a young age meaning 6 months or so there was a decreased rate of peanut allergy by around eighty percent a huge amount.

So now we make the recommendation that as long as the food is safe for that infant to consume again not a choking hazard to introduce food such as peanut at an early age.

We do this through food called Bamba.

peanut butter bamba

Bamba is a peanut pop which is similar to a cheese puff that you that most of us are familiar with but instead is peanuts.

However, if you feed your infant Bamba or any food and the hives or rash or throwing or a cough or wheeze within minutes of doing so this could be an allergic reaction.

Well, this is very rare it could be a serious side effect and you should notify your pediatrician or even call 911 if the situation is serious enough.

There is one exception with early introduction of food such as bamba.

If your infant has severe eczema or history of other food allergy or if you have other children that have peanut allergy please contact your pediatrician or an allergist to determine whether or not testing should be done before in the production of certain foods such as peanuts.

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