Know the Reasons for Irregular Periods in Teenagers


Most of the teen girls do suffer from the problem of irregular periods and most of them get their periods only once in 2-3 months or maybe twice in the same month which is a cause of worry. It is important that all should know about the exact reasons for irregular periods in teens which are:

Menstrual cycle although occurs once in every month yet there are several teens who suffer from irregular periods while there are women who get their periods on time. This 28-day cycle is bound to face changes throughout your life and teenagers do suffer from irregular periods especially in the first two years from the onset of menstruation which is a very common factor.


Fluctuating Hormones

hormone-changes-in-teens-is a reason for irregular periods

The irregularity of periods and the loss of blood during menstrual flow are dependent on the hormone production in a woman’s body. A teenager usually has fluctuating hormones and thus there is no surprise over the fact that they suffer from irregular periods frequently.

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Amenorrhea – Absence of Periods for 3 Months

Understanding amenorrhea is important. Usually, amenorrhea is described as the absence of periods for three months or more and if it happens to a teenager then going in for doctor’s consultation is important as it may be due to premature ovarian failure.


Improper Lifestyle

improper lifestyle reason for irregular periods in teens

Certain outside factors can also lead to irregular periods in teen girls which are medications, unwanted weight gain or weight loss, nutritional deficiencies, use of drugs, the problem of extra exercising, eating disorders and stress as well. Athletic activities such as running can also lead to irregular periods and it has been mostly seen that athletes usually face the problem of missed periods.


Changes in Hormones

Most of the teenagers usually take 2 or 3 years for their periods to regularize as this is the time when the body is trying to accommodate the hormonal releases which has been produced during puberty. Till that time teenagers may face irregular periods.

A normal regular menstrual cycle usually comprises of 28 days and this may be as short as 21 days for some and can stretch to as long as 45 days for some others.

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The changing hormone levels may result in drastic changes in the periods such as missed periods, two consecutive periods or alternation between light and heavy bleeding. Also, the onset of periods can be early or late and while some girls attain maturity at 9 or 10 years, there are others who get their first periods only in their late teens and in case your child is a late bloomer do not think that there is something wrong with your child’s reproductive system.

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