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Fine harmful bacteria which really can be deadly – Legionnaires Disease

Legionnaires Disease what is it?

Legionnaire is definitely a disease in which strikes a human body’s respiratory system and results in a form of pneumoniaLegionnaires Disease is generally very fine harmful bacteria which really can be deadly into individuals with Covered up immune systems, seniors, tobacco users and the ones struggling with weakening conditions or serious upper body issues.

History of Legionnaires Disease Philadelphia

This particular Legionnaires Disease was initially discovered right after an occurrence at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia in 1976 during the course of a veteran’s discussion of the American Legion.


This situation smacked all the way down 221 of the conference’s seniors participants, causing 34 persons dead. In America involving 8,000 and 18,000 individuals are put in the hospital because of Legionnaires’ disease.

Many experts have discovered that men, especially those that happen to be older or mature, are more inclined to get Legionnaires Disease compared to women as well as the fact that tobacco users or individuals with chest issues are also much more in danger and hence this becomes one of the main cause of Legionnaires Disease.

Several Legionnaires Disease Condition & Symptoms

Cases of Legionnaires Disease receive extensive media interest for the reason that disease frequently takes place as isolated cases not hook up along with any kind of identified trend.

The actual loss of life level of Legionnaires’ disease differs and it has ranged from 5% to 30% for the duration of prior outbreaks and the most attacks take place in individuals that are usually middle-aged or older.

Causes of Legionnaires Disease

Males are statistically much more inclined compared to females and people along with dropped immune system response for instance diabetics, oncology victims and those that use tobacco are frequently at a much higher probability of being infected with the Legionnaires disease.

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Legionnaires’ disease
(and a separate variety called Pontiac fever) is caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumonia transmitted by breathing in bacteria carried in water droplets through the air.

The bacteria live in water and get into air-conditioning cooling towers and circulate throughout a building.

Legionnaires disease Outbreaks have occurred after persons have inhaled spray from contaminated bacteria. water source, such as water tank, air-conditioning cooling towers, whirlpool spas, or showers) in workplaces, hospitals, or other public places.

Infection isn’t spread from one person to another, and there is no evidence of people becoming infected from auto air conditioners or household window air conditioners.

Legionella can be found in many different water systems, but the bacteria reproduce best in warm, stagnant water such as is found in some plumbing systems and hot water tanks, cooling towers and condensers of large air conditioning systems, and whirlpool spas.

Symptoms of Legionnaires Disease

Legionnaires’ disease possesses signs and symptoms much like other types connected with pneumonia, and that’s why it’s not easy to identify.


Symptoms can include:

High temperature,

Chills, as well as a cough.

muscle pains


Chest X-rays are essential to determine particular pneumonia and microbiological exams can be executed on sputum, urine or blood to search out proof of the micro-organism.

Indicators typically happen two to fourteen days right after being exposed to the harmful bacteria.


The easiest methods for fighting the infection is through extensive cleaning, daily evaluation and disinfecting spots which are probably sources just like containers, cooling systems as well as heating control systems and all aerosol-generating components.

Individuals are usually affected once the water source is hooked on to an apparatus that produces aerosol results, just like showerheads, water fountains and whirlpool hot tubs.

For that reason, that’s precisely why it is very important to do a Legionnaires Disease threat test.

This can evaluate the possibility of a water system to harbor the microorganism as well as explain the best way to minimize the production of the microorganism in aerosols through the system.

By simply performing a Legionnaires Disease risk testLegionnaires Disease control program can be executed in order to avoid multiplication of the disease.

Where Do We Get This Kind of Bacteria?

Water is a breeding ground for Legionella bacteria. They have been found thriving in cold and hot water taps, whirlpool baths, ponds, creeks, showers and even on wet soil.


Thus it is almost found to be everywhere where water is. Moreover, there are reported incidents of outbreaks of Legionnaires Disease in the water tank and tainted air-conditioning towers.  But there is none of this kind of bacteria from window air conditioners.

How Then Do Legionnaires Bacteria Infect a Person?

Legionnaires bacteria are an airborne type of bacteria, thus it is acquired by unconsciously inhaling them in through the air that we breathe. It is not by physical contact with another person infected with the illness that we can get infected by the bacteria and has these observable Legionnaires disease symptoms.

What Steps Do We Need to Take to Diagnose Legionnaires Disease?

The accurate prognosis from the observable Legionnaires disease symptoms may take some time to complete since this illness shares almost the same symptoms that the usual cases of pneumonia have. 

This makes the diagnosis of Legionnaires disease take a longer time to complete than it was first originally thought.

However, there are several laboratory tests that can be done, together with the observed Legionnaires disease symptoms that will help us determine accurately the presence of Legionnaires bacteria in urine, blood, lung tissue and respiratory secretions.

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