Mentrual Cramps | Causes and Home Remedies

heating to stop periods

Menstruation is a normal process of life for girls and women. During this most of the women have to be troubled by the problem of acute pain in the lower part of the stomach and waist. Only women can feel pain at this time. This pain that affects every month often affects the normal life of women. Although there are many ways to overcome the stomach and lower back pain during menstruation, but from these remedies, we will bring you some selective solutions. With the help of which you can reduce the intensity of pain at this time.

Stomach pain and symptoms of back pain in menstruation

During menstruation, you also have to face many other problems. What are the signs that appear in your body at this time, know about this.

At this time there is a sharp pain in the lower part of your stomach.

At the same time, there is a constant pain in the lower part of your back.

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Many women sometimes face the following types of symptoms.

A headache


Mild diarrhea

Fatigue and dizziness

Sometimes abdominal and waist pain in the period of periods or menstruation begins to be very fast. The change in the hormone during this change also changes your thoughts (mood). To overcome this problem, you should try domestic remedies. It is a natural and simple way to overcome this problem.

Periods of stomach pain and waist pain can be the following.

Extra hemorrhage from the vagina

First baby after birth

Adding hormones to prostaglandin (the element responsible for pain)

Upon the introduction of Periods in adolescence

Waist Pain and Stomach Pain Remedies and Treatments in Periods

Use hot bottle for relieving stomach pain in menstruation

Severe pain in periods

Material needed for the solution

A heating pad or glass bottle – 1

How to use a hot pad

Fill the hot water inside a hot pad or talking about glass. After this, you have to cure your lower abdomen and lower waist. You can do this for about ten to fifteen minutes. In addition, you put the cotton cloth in warm water and squeeze it and after this, keep the stomach and back on the lower part for a while.

How often to use a day

You should continue this remedy for a short period of time in the day until your pain reduces.

Why this remedy is effective

Let us tell you that hot water is considered a better remedy to reduce the problem. You can try this remedy to relax your muscles and reduce swelling.

Various studies have shown that warming up with hot water, Leone acts as a known drug to remove the pain during periods.

If you have pain in the lower part of the stomach and waist during periods, then you can resort to the hot pad or take a bath with hot water.

Massage to avoid Stomachache During Periods

Massage to Stop Period

You can also get rid of this problem by using some special oils. These oils have many types of properties that work to remove pain in periods. Some of these essential oils are telling us below.

1. Lavender Oil

Material needed for the solution

Lavender oil – 3 to 4
bottles of coconut oil and Jojoba oil – one spoon

How to use lavender oil

You must have lavender oil to try this remedy. Also take coconut oil and Jojoba oil . To try this, you must combine 3 to 4 bottles of lavender oil and 1 to 2 teaspoon coconut oil and Jojoba oil together. After this, you place this mixture on the lower part of your pain, i.e. the abdomen and waist. Apart from this, you can also take some drops of lavender oil in hot water and take its steam.

How often do one day use

You can try this remedy 1 to 2 times a day.

Why this remedy is effective

Lavender oil has the properties of removing the pain in menstruation.

Apart from this, you get relief from this oiling and you get good and deep sleep.

2. Pipermint oil

Material needed for the solution

Pipermint oil – 3 to 4 drops of
coconut oil and Jojoba oil – one spoon

How to use peppermint oil 

Like lavender oil, peppermint oil is also used during menstrual period. You can also use it with Jojoba and coconut oil. To use this you take 3 to 4 drops of PiperMint oil and mix Coconut and Jojoba Oil in it. After this, place it in your painful place and massage with light hands for about two minutes.
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How often do one day use

You should take this measure once in a day.

Why this remedy is effective

Elements of ethyl in Pipermint are present. Apart from this, there are also qualities that remove pain and fatigue.

Pipermint’s good wishes are very good. Along with this it is also effective in removing symptoms such as headache and jaundice.

Foo to eat to avoid Stomach and Menstrual Cramps

beetroot - natural remedy of irregular periods

At this time women need to consume nutritious food , because at this time women have to face blood loss ( anemia ). Eat plenty of foods rich in iron and magnesium. Eat green leafy vegetables, almonds to keep yourself healthy . Avoid soft drinks, because it can increase your pain.

Benefits of taking vitamin D

One Diet of Vitamin D works to remove the pain in your menstrual period to a great extent. Prostaglandin responsible for menstrual pain can be reduced with the help of vitamin D. For this, you start taking Vitamin D through your diet. For this you should include fish , cottage cheese , eggs , orange juice and pulsesin the food.

Take Herbal Tea to Remove Abdominal Pain in Periods

herbal tea to get periods immediately

Some natural teas of Herbal Tea is considered to be a very good remedy for removing the menstrual pain. It acts as a pain reliever. This time, you know about other types of natural tea that reduces pain.

1. Green Tea – 

Material needed for the solution

Green Tea – A Pack (T Bag)

Hot water – one cup

Honey – half spoon

How to use green tea

You can also remove the pain of your menstrual cycle from Green Tee. For this you mix honey with green tea and drink it.

How often do one day consume

Consume this tea as per the intensity of menstrual period. If pain is acute then you can drink this tea two to four times a day.

Why this remedy is effective

There are many types of nutrients present in Green Tea, which keep our body away from many kinds of problems. The anti-oxidants found in it work to remove the pain during menstruation.

2. Chamomile Tea – 

Material needed for the solution

Chamomile Tea – A Pack (T Bag)

Hot water – one cup

Honey – half spoon

How to use green tea

To remove the pain of menstruation, you should use tea made from chamomile. You must have tea bags and honey of chamomile to use it. To try this measure you must keep the Chamomile Tea Bag in hot water for about ten minutes. After a while, when the water is cooled down, add honey to it and eat it.

How often do one day consume

If you feel this weakness in periods, you must eat at least twice a day.

Why this remedy is effective

Chamomile is a flowering plant, which is recognized for reducing the pain during periods. There are elements that reduce inflammation and nourish the body, which reduce pain and swelling.

Apart from this, there is also the properties strengthening urinary tract muscles in chamomile.

Tips to Avoid Stomach Pain and get rid of Back Pain in Periods

Menstrual abdominal pain and prevention of back pain – Menstrual abdominal pain and prevention of back pain in Hindi

You can try some tips to avoid pain in the menstrual cycle and lower abdominal pain. We are explaining ways to protect it.

Take a healthy and balanced diet. For this, you should include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Reduce intake of alcohol and caffeine.

Reduce salt intake.

Exercise regularly. 
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Stay away from stress.

Do not smoke.

Make Yoga regularly. In which you do the daily exercise of respiration and chest to knees.

Consume excess quantity of water and juice. 

You can also get rid of this pain from the acupuncture method. 

If you do not get any relief from the pain even after adopting the above measures, then immediately consult a gynecologist and investigate this problem.

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