Migraine Headache New Treatments

Migraine Headache New Treatment

Migraine headaches can affect anyone: men, women, and children. It is a disease that can affect the quality of life and needs attention in order to prevent and cure migraine headaches.

Migraine Headaches New Treatments

In this article, we outline 3 very important new Treatments of Migraine Headaches.

Electromagnetic Patch

First is the introduction of a new electromagnetic patch which can be used for the prevention and treatments of migraine headache crisis.

Electromagnetic-Patch-Migraine new treatment
Electromagnetic-Patch-Migraine new treatment

The era of the pill for a headache may be coming to an end. The future for Migraine Headaches Treatments may be located in an electromagnetic patch, programmed to release small doses of medicine.

This new treatments of Migraine Headaches of taking medication was presented for the first time in Europe at the Congress of Headache organized in Streza, Northern Italy. T

The treatment is based on sumatriptan, which in the 1990s brought a revolution in the treatments of migraine headaches because it manages to act directly on the neurotransmitters (serotonin receptors), which are the basis of migraine headaches.

According to Professor Alan Rapaport of the University of Los Angeles (UCLA), the particular electromagnetic patch, produced in the USA, is taking advantage of the ion currents (found in the material which is made) to release medicine in scheduled and continuous quantities, making it to be absorbed through the skin due to electrical loads developed from the membrane.

In this way, it achieves the maximum effect with minimum effort. Thanks to a very low-intensity electric current (6-12 miliamper an hour), created by the electromagnetic load of the patch, it can release very small quantities of medicine which is absorbed by the skin.

Because the medicine penetrates the body with too much low speed, the drug remains in the circulatory system for over 5 hours, acting better and more efficient.

In the U.S., the new patch, which was compared with the nasal spray, the compress, and the subcutaneous injection as a means of taking the same drug showed similar efficacy, faster action, and fewer side effects-just a slight itch when adopting the patch on the skin.


Relaxation Technique

Relaxation and proper breathing control are one of the most efficient ways for Migraine Headache New treatment.

relaxation technique New Migraine Treatment

Migraine headaches are nowadays a frequent problem for many people. The first thing to do when suffering from migraine headaches is to visit your family doctor.

The doctor will write a series of tests to determine if the problem is biological or not. If the pathologist finds a problem you will be given the appropriate treatment and the problem will be solved.

When, however, after the necessary examinations the doctor could not find any problem then the treatment you will be provided will fight the symptoms and not the problem (painkillers).

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A recent survey in the U.S. revealed a new way of dealing with migraine headaches. A method without cost and without any particular side effects. Researchers have shown that relaxation and proper breathing control is one of the most effective treatments for migraine headaches.

If you suffer from migraines, then during the period of crisis relax and check your breathing. The first step you should do is try to relax. You can accomplish this if you sit back, or if you can lie down somewhere. Then close your eyes and think of a landscape such as a lake, a meadow, a beach or other you believe that calms you with as much detail as you can.

Place the palms of your hands on your belly so as your fingers touch the tips. Start paying attention to your breathing.

Without proper inhalation, your fingers will be removed a few centimeters (from your belly) and will return to their original position at the end. The more focus you give on your breathing the more you can relax and to combat migraine headaches.

From a psychological point of view, migraine headaches hide hidden anxiety and stress about something. Relaxation helps to overcome any stress and therefore can help you to stand and fight migraines.

Second is a relaxation technique which can be applied when someone is under migraine headaches attack.

Lose Weight to Cure Migraine Headaches

Migraine Headaches are more frequent in obese and overweight people

Lose Weight to Cure Migraine Headaches

The third is the result of an interesting study that shows that people who are obese or overweight suffer more frequently from migraine headaches. So One of the easiest and Natural Remedy of migraine headache is to lose weight.

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Those who suffer from migraine headaches have another reason to lose the unnecessary pounds research shows that overweight and obese people are more likely to suffer from such headaches.

At the same time, they are more likely to indicate some kind of body malfunction because of their situation.

The findings were based on a survey among 120,000 households in the U.S. People were asked to indicate their BMI and to answer questions related to migraine headaches. Nearly 19,000 people were classified as suffering from migraine headaches. Around 7,500 had migraines and 2,000 other people some kind of tension-type headache.

Among the people with migraine, the likelihood to suffer from frequent headaches (10 days to 14 days per month) increase with the BMI. This frequency appeared to 7.4% of overweight people, compared with 8.2% of obese people and 10.4% of the clinically obese. Among people of normal weight migraine headaches incidence rate rose to 6.5%.

The body malfunction because of migraine headaches followed the same pattern, ranging between 32% in people with normal weight to 40.9% in the clinically obese people.

The survey results reinforced the view that obesity is an aggravating factor for migraine headaches.

It should also be noted that the results of a survey showed that more than 64% of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese.

In this article, we outlined 3 important methods migraine headaches New Treatment. It is a fact that the treatment of migraine headaches has moved to the next level with the introduction of a new electromagnetic patch which can be used for the prevention and treatment of headaches.

Second, when you are in the middle of a migraine headaches crisis you can apply relaxation techniques to get instant relief from the pain. Finally, it is proven from established research that people who are obese or overweight have more chances of suffering more frequently from migraine headaches.

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