Myths and Facts about Periods

myths and facts regarding menstruation

There is a natural change in the monthly cycle, which occurs in the female reproductive system (especially the uterus and ovaries), which makes pregnancy possible. This cycle works to prepare the uterus for pregnancy and to make oocytess in the ovaries. Periods are part of this cycle.

From adolescence, we have grown up listening to many myths associated with periods and are also following them due to lack of accurate information. First of all, the myth is that menstruation is generally considered to be a disease, but menstruation is not a disease or problem. It is a natural process like sweating, restlessness etc.

Yes, but it is certainly true that there are certain problems related to menstruation, which are very important to pay attention. For example, its non-existence can surely lead to very big problems.

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Here are some other myths related to menstruation:

The menstrual cycle is 28 days long

Most people believe that the menstrual cycle is of 28 days but that is not the case. Most women are at this 28-day interval, but sometimes they are also in the interval of 24 to 35 days. It’s normal to have a lag, it’s not a problem.

Should not worship in menstruation

This myth is considered to be the highest in all myths in today’s time, that women should stay away from worship, fasting, temple etc. during the menstrual period. But this is absolutely wrong thinking. People believe that during this time women are impure and whatever things they touch becomes unclean. But it is also a matter of thinking that God, who is paramount, can be impure by touching a woman. Woman is the most precious gift of nature, we must be proud of. In this way, due to some biological actions women should not feel ashamed and there is no harm in going to the temple or doing pooja, fasting etc.

Period blood is dirty

Many people consider the blood of menstruation as dirty (unclean) but it is not. This is a mixture of secretions and blood from the uterus of old tissue cells, vagina and cervix. It is slightly different from normal blood due to its texture and other properties (which has more water and less iron). But this does not mean that the blood of menstruation is unclean or unclean.

Signs of coming to menstruation are not real

Many people believe that the symptoms of menstruation are not real while it is not so. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a real condition that almost 50 percent of women feel. Experience of this condition begins to occur one or two weeks before the period, in which irritability, stomach ache, restlessness, anxiety, loss of appetite, etc. are prominent.

A woman cannot get Pregnant in Periods

People believe that pregnancies can not be done during periods but during pregnancy, it is difficult to conceive, it is impossible, not possible. Sperm can last up to 5 days in the vagina, so if there is unprotected sex during this time and if ovulation in Hindi is a little quick then you can conceive because the sperm has enough time to reach the egg.

Whether or not sex is correct during menstruation

Many people think that sex cannot be done during menstruation but it is not so. There is no problem in having sex in Periods. Rather, most women experience the excitement at this time. But be sure to use condoms before sex in Periods.

Exercise During Periods is Harmful

The biggest myth in all the myths is that women can not exercise in menstruation. While some people believe that during this time women are more likely to get hurt or there is a weakness in them. But this is absolutely wrong. If you exercise a little too much then you can be dealt with easily with PMS(premenstrual syndrome: PMS). There is no rule or restriction for doing any exercise during this period.

Swimming should not be done during Periods

People believe that during periods they should not go for water or for swimming. but it’s not like that. You can use a tampon during swimming, it does not stain on your swimsuit. Tampons should be used instead of the pad in water because they do not move from their place. Tampons (Tampons are made of a piece of cloth which absorbs any bleeding or bleeding in menstruation, it looks like a needle.) Can also be used during exercise and play.

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