Nipah Virus Symptoms in Humans


Nipah virus infection” is a new disease that spreads from animals to humans. The disease caused by it is quite serious, which currently has no cure.

 To avoid this, no vaccine has been treated. However, work on both the vaccine for medication and rescue is in progress. 

Nipah virus” was first detected in Malaysia’s “Kampung Sungai Nipah” area in 1998. That’s why this virus was named “Nipah Virus”. 

When the Nipah virus infection spread in Malaysia, then the virus reached pigs in humans. In some subsequent cases, it was not recognized how the virus has reached humans. 

In Bangladesh in 2004, Nipah virus infection by a kind of bats palm was spread by drinking toddy (date palm sap) of. On the other hand, some cases were registered in India when these infections spread from humans to humans.

Nipah Virus Infection

In Malaysia and Singapore, it has been observed that exposure to infected pigs came in contact with the spread of Nipah virus in the human body. In this outbreak, it was seen that the first infected bat sprayed into a swine virus, then the Nipah virus spread through infected pigs in all the pigs surrounding it. After exposure to infected pigs, this virus spread in humans too.

Now in Bangladesh and India, news of human being infected with Nipah virus is coming. It is usually seen in the family of patients infected with Nipah virus and the number of people taking care of them in the hospital. The biggest reason for the spread of Nipah virus in Bangladesh and India is that infected bats poke the palm or dates of palm in the running. When a person drinks that toddy, then this infection easily goes into the body of the drinker.

Nipah virus symptoms in Humans

The infection of Nipah virus is related to encephalitis (encephalitis: brain fever). After being infected with Nipah virus, its symptoms start appearing in 5 to 14 days. These Nipah virus symptoms in Humans are as follows – 

Fever and headache for 3-14 days 

After this, dizziness and brain damage, due to which the patient remains confused

These symptoms can increase within 24 to 48 hours due to “coma”.

In the early part of this transition, some patients have respiratory problems. Besides, about 50 percent of patients with symptoms related to the nervous system may also have lung problems.

During the year 1998 to 1999, about 265 patients were found infected with Nephahu Virus. Of those patients who had neurological problems, about 40% of them had died in the hospital.


Nipah Virus Causes

Why is Nipah virus infection?

In Malaysia and Singapore, this infection was found to be associated with contact with pneumonia infected with Nipah virus.

Nipah infections in Bangladesh and India have been found in people drinking the date palm of the infected bat. Apart from this, exposure to the person infected with Nipah virus can also be risky for you as this virus can spread from person to person.


Nipah Virus Prevention

How to prevent Nipah virus infection from spreading?

There is currently no vaccine available to prevent Nipah virus infection.

To avoid the infection of Nipah virus, you should not get in touch with infected pigs and bats and do not drink palm sticks. If a person is infected, do not get in close contact with him.

There is a need to run a special awareness campaign to prevent the spread of infection from human to humans, and it is important for doctors, nurses and other employees to be aware of this infection in hospitals too.


Diagnosis of Nipah Virus

Laboratory diagnosis of Nipah virus infection is done by combining some tests.

This test should be done during the early stages of the disease. In the primary stages of the disease, certain cerebrospinal fluid, urine, blood, and fluid samples from the nose and throat are performed. This is a special test 

“Virus Isolation Test”

“Real Time Polymer’s Chain Reaction” Test (RT-PCR Test)

Later, ” antibody” is examined in the body by the ” ELISA Test “.

In some cases in which the patient dies, they have a sampling of tissues during the post mortem examination and examining them “Immunohistochemistry” is the only way to identify the narrow virus infection.


Treatment of Nipah Virus Infection

What is the treatment of Nipah virus infection?

Nipah virus infection currently has no cure. In this treatment, only the patient is tried to correct the symptoms immediately.

Because Nipah virus can spread from person to person, all precautions should be taken to prevent infection in the hospital.

In the lab test, “Ribavirin” has proven effective against nipah virus. But its usefulness has not yet been proved for humans.

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