Peanut Allergy Death Story


Peanut Allergy Death Story of a Girl in a Cartoonist Way…

I want to tell you what life is for a person who is allergic to peanuts.

What is the problem you would ask?

If you are allergic don’t eat them.

It would be nice if life were that simple.

Thanks to this I have difficulties trusting people and this is the reason why

I still remember the taste of peanuts

I liked them a lot when I was still very small but I noticed that every time I ate peanuts or peanut butter I had these unpleasant symptoms



Stomach Pain


I did not know what allergy was and didn’t connect peanuts to the symptoms.

I also didn’t want to tell my mom because otherwise, she would take me to the doctors which I hated.

One day after a nice peanut butter sandwich my face started swelling.

Until at some point I seemed an obese hamster.

That was when I couldn’t avoid a visit to a doctor anymore.

The doctor explained to my scared mom that I have a peanut allergy.

This meant that from that moment on I was to avoid peanuts in any form by all means.


Otherwise apart from unpleasant but bearable peanut sensitivity symptoms, I could get some life-threatening ones.

For example Throat Edema, Allergic Shock or even Peanut allergy Death as a consequence.

Edema shock or whichever abstract word didn’t scare me but death from peanut allergy was convincing.

So my mom explained that from that moment on I was to check very attentively what I was eating so that there are not even traces of peanuts in the food I eat and that I was supposed to do it for all my life.

So it was better to start practicing immediately.

That is how I found out that our world is practically made of peanuts.

They are everywhere sometimes it seems like they put freaking peanuts even into french fries.

Just read the labels and everything will be fine. Reading food labels is easy even if time-consuming but I found out that the most difficult part was dealing with people who are sometimes really sick.

It’s thanks to my peanut allergy that I grew up not trusting anyone even the closest friends.

The biggest problem is eating out

If I cook for myself at least I know what’s inside

When I come to a restaurant I can ask for 10 times if this dish doesn’t have peanuts and 10 times get a negative response.


When my face starts swelling a scared waitress says something like but this dish doesn’t have peanuts.

The Cook has taken them all away before serving or even better but it doesn’t have any peanuts-only peanut butter which isn’t peanuts.

After a couple of episodes like that, I decided not to press my luck anymore and not to eat out.

However, this is just a human stupidity but once I nearly died because I believed people and that is how I got my trust issues.

I was 12 and my first crush invited me for his birthday

It was so thrilling

Remembering my issues I came to him and asked if he could warn me beforehand if there would be something with peanuts.


He was very interested and asked why I didn’t eat them.

I explained my condition and he said oh poor you the peanuts are so tasty.

He assured me that everything would be fine.

When I came to the party there were his friends and I found out he had already told everyone I had peanut issues.

I didn’t think that everybody was supposed to know but it wasn’t a big secret after all.

All delighted I forgot to check every single dish I ate as usual and when the birthday cake came.

I hook of goods bite after that, I remember scared faces of everyone in the room and myself swelling and choking not being able to take a breath of air and already dying.


I woke up in the hospital thank God the ambulance came quickly it was that allergic shock I was talking about.

In all its splendor sometime after my crush visited me pale and scared.

I thought he had just forgotten my request and blamed myself but that genius told me it was the idea of his friends.

They just wanted to see what would happen to me if I eat peanuts and they didn’t tell me about the peanuts and the cake on purpose.


Can you imagine putting a person’s life at stake out of pure curiosity?

That’s how thanks to my Peanut allergy I really have difficulties in trusting people

So if you know people like me who insist they must avoid something don’t be curious to know what would happen to them.

Just take their word because your curiosity may cost them life.

Peanut Allergy News

New Treatment Shows Promise Against Peanut Allergy

The lastest peantu allery news is that controlled ingestion of the medication, called AR101, derived from peanut protein, could build tolerance as well as reduce severe allergy symptoms.

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