Periods During Pregnancy


If not understood, periods during pregnancy may cause alarm and even panic to expecting mothers and their families. After all, bleeding during pregnancy is considered unsafe, since it may mean that the life of the unborn child and the mother is in danger.

Can we have Regular Periods during Pregnancy? 

However, having regular periods during pregnancy is possible and does not always mean bad news. After all, what you may be seeing is not actually a normal period during pregnancy or what we call “menstrual bleeding”. In pregnant women, periods during pregnancy may mean that you are experiencing decidual bleeding or spotting.

Decidual bleeding during pregnancy

Decidual bleeding is a rare condition wherein pregnant women experience periods during pregnancy. However, this period is not menstrual in nature (meaning no egg cell is discarded along with the blood-rich uterine lining).

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It is the rare occurrence wherein the uterine lining regularly sheds, causing a bloody discharge that looks just like your regular monthly visitor. This “pregnancy period” can be strong and regular enough to last until the last trimester of pregnancy, making it difficult for women to realize that they are pregnant, especially if they never checked with a doctor.

Understanding Spotting During Pregnancy

Pregnancy spotting, on the other hand, occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy. This occurs around the time that you should have your missed period.

is it normal to have periods during pregnancy

However, instead of having a heavy menstrual period, what you get is a small reddish, pinkish, or brownish discharge that is not even enough to fill one sanitary napkin. Spotting can occur well throughout the first trimester, making it look like the person is suffering from periods during early pregnancy.


Cramping During Early Pregnancy

Because of the many changes that the female body encounters during pregnancy, it is normal for the woman to experience “period cramps during pregnancy”. Excessive cramping may be one of the early signs of pregnancy before missed period. If you are experiencing fatigue, dizziness, unexplainable emotional swings, and noticeable changes in bleeding patterns, you might want to check with your doctor if you are pregnant. After all, decidual bleeding or what we call “periods during pregnancy” can truly be misleading and make you not realize that you are with child.

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However, bear in mind that heavy periods during pregnancy should always be reported to your doctor. In fact, any bloody discharge that you experience during your pregnancy should be medically investigated to rule out any potential complications that can harm you and/or your child.



Periods during pregnancy, as we know it, should not cause panic. However, you should be careful enough to report all unusual goings-on to your doctor to guarantee you and your unborn baby’s safety. Periods during pregnancy are easier to manage once you understand it.

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