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The graph decreased … but the fear and hesitation is still going on winning AIDS, keep these small precautions

The graph of HIV AIDS in the district is reduced. This year, seven patients have decreased compared to last year.

However, to alert people to this, everything is being organized in the rallies on the behalf of the Department of Health, Idea Seminar Workshop. Also Read: World AIDS Day Celebration

Yet, due to lack of awareness of the general public, its patients were found somewhere. Chief Managing Officer Dr. Manoj Agarwal says that there is a lack of awareness in the rural areas in some places.

However, at all primary and community health centers along with the district hospital, people are examined. This feature is absolutely free and the information is kept confidential.

Graph of patients with reduced HIV / AIDS in district

Seven patients have been reduced this year compared to last year. According to the CMO where TB patients are tested for HIV, pregnant women are also examined for HIV. Nevertheless, HIV is not being fully investigated due to the hesitation and fear of the people.

In the last year, in the year 2016-17, the total check was 4535, in which 25 patients were exposed to HIV, followed by 2017 and 18 total checks, 3666, in which eighteen patients will be found.

Thus, a total of seven patients were reduced. In every community health center, pregnant women are also tested for HIV, apart from this, it is also reported separately by examining the patients of tuberculosis.

How does patient cure


CMO Dr Manoj Agarwal told that the PPTC Center and ICTC at the hospital and CHC to treat the patient of HIV. Where the patient has to take regular medication after antiretroviral treatment after examination.

Apart from this, the patient can remain healthy even through light exercise. The patient’s immune system is permanently maintained with the drugs given.

No such AIDS spreads

CMO Dr. Manoj Agrawal said that with the hug from eating, it will be affected, taking care of, hand joining, using the same toilet and mosquito bite does not have any effect.

Keep these precautions

The patient will have to take precautions for a safe life. Always use new syringes and needles for this. 

Pregnant women should be provided with medical advice only. 

Loyalty and abstinence towards life partner should be exercised along with tested blood.

HIV spreads in this way

Regarding the HIV virus, CMO said that apart from unprotected sex, HIV may also have the full impact on the infant infected woman using the infected woman.

The virus also affects its virus by transfusing the blood of the person infected with HIV.

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