Reasons of Missing Your Periods

causes of missing your periods

There are all kinds of reasons you could be missing your period.

Of course, the most common reason you could be missing your period is that you’re pregnant.  However, missing your period does not necessarily mean you are pregnant.

If you are sexually active and you do miss your period, then you should start by taking an at-home pregnancy test.

These tests are usually pretty accurate, although if the pregnancy is at a stage under two or even four weeks, then the test may not pick it up.

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If you believe you still might be pregnant even if the at-home test was negative, you can always get a blood test at your doctor’s office just to be sure.


Most of the common reasons for missing your period are nothing to worry about. 

Ovulation is controlled entirely by hormones, so it’s important to remember that missing your period can be a sign of many other things.

reasons for missed periods

If you’re young and just got your period within the last two years, then you may still not be regular.

There are also many other things that can cause your hormones to be out of balance enough to cause you to miss your period.


Changing of Birth Control Pills

if you recently changed birth control pills, your hormone levels could be in the process of shifting around.  This can cause you to miss your period.

Weight Gain or Weight Loss

Sudden weight gain or weight loss could also be a reason you’re missing your period.  However, both of these problems may indicate another health problem you should have checked out.

Change in Vaginal Rings

Other common reasons for missing your period include a change in vaginal rings or contraceptive implants.

Any Health Problems

There are also some medical reasons you may be missing your period.  All of these health problems are definitely cause for concern, so you should see your doctor and get checked out if your period doesn’t come back again the next month.

It’s always good to know why you’re missing your period.

Think about whether you have any other symptoms besides missing your period.  These symptoms could be the key to helping your doctor determine exactly what caused you to miss your period.


Common problems that can cause a missed period include





Cushing’s syndrome


Occasionally, there might be a reason you actually want to miss your period.

For example, if you’re going on a beach vacation, it probably wouldn’t be much fun to have your period on that trip.  If you’re on birth control, then it is possible to miss a period on purpose.

If you want to do this, discuss it with your doctor first.  However, in many cases, you can simply skip over the placebo pills in your birth control package.

These pills are the ones that are a different color than the other pills.  Most birth control packs have three weeks of one colored pill and one week of another color.

If you’re on a type of birth control that doesn’t utilize this type of pill, then discuss further options with your doctor.

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