Signs and Symptoms of Depressive Disorder


There is a range of symptoms of depression that can be recognized in most patients. These symptoms exist in varying degrees in different depressive disorders.

The symptoms of depression include:

  • A mood that lasts for a long time, which leaves the sufferer feeling anxious or empty.
  • Losing interest in activities and experiences that are usually enjoyable and fulfilling.
  • A lot of crying.
  • Guilty feelings.
  • Persistent headaches, or other pains, that are not relieved by usual treatment and medication.
  • Behavior that is increasingly restless.
  • Exaggerated levels of irritability.
  • A decrease in the levels of energy.
  • Thoughts of ending the suffering by committing suicide.
  • Feeling helpless, or even hopeless,  about being able to cope with the pressures of life.
  • Withdrawing from interacting with other people – and any form of socialisation.
  • A decrease in the ability to concentrate for any length of time.
  • Noticeable weight loss or gain.
  • Changes in appetite – linked to over-eating, or a complete loss of appetite.
  • The inability to make decisions easily.
  • Sleeping more or less.

These depressive disorders symptoms may be experienced to different degrees by people suffering from any of these disorders.

Patients who have manic depression (bipolar disorder), will exhibit some / all of these symptoms, alternating with periods of mania.


The symptoms of mania may include:

manic-bipolar-disorder symptoms

  • A diminished need for rest, or sleeping.
  • An increased sense of self-importance, or self-esteem.
  • Becoming distracted, and even irritable, more easily.
  • Talking much more than usual.
  • Exhibiting extremely poor judgement.
  • Becoming physically uncomfortable and agitated quite easily.
  • Denying things more and more easily.
  • Feeling the need for sex more often.
  • Greatly exaggerated feelings of being elated or euphoric.
  • Taking part in behaviours or activities that are enjoyable, but that often result in physical harm.
  • Exhibiting extremely high levels of energy – much more so than usual.

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