Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Periods

Signs of pregnancy before missed period

Signs of pregnancy before missed period are often watched out for by women who have been sexually active and are positively hoping to conceive. After all, knowing that you are pregnant at the early stages can help you take the necessary precautionary steps to guarantee that you and your baby will be in the best of health.

A few signs of pregnancy before missed period are

Feelings of Dizziness



Sensitivity to light 

Certain food cravings

Darkening of the genitalia

Areola in the breasts

A general feeling of Queasiness

that cannot easily be explained.

However, it is still possible to be misled that you are not pregnant even if you are already well through your first trimester. Many women claim that they still experience periods during pregnancy, making them believe that they are not pregnant at all. This article will help clarify the question, “Can you have a period during pregnancy?”


Can You Get Your Period During Pregnancy?

Medically speaking, it is impossible to have a normal period during pregnancy or what we call “menstruation”. Menstruation occurs when an unfertilized egg is shed together with the uterine lining when conception does not occur.


Since you have a fertilized egg or embryo within you, it is safe to assume that the ovaries have stopped releasing eggs that need to be fertilized (thus the lack of egg that needs to be shed). What truly happens when you experience periods during early pregnancy can possibly be two things: decidual bleeding or spotting.

Decidual bleeding is often mistaken for regular periods during pregnancy because it usually occurs around the time that menstruation comes and the amount of bloody discharge is like a regular menstrual flow. However, this rare condition happens to 30% of pregnant women. The uterine lining sheds regularly- imitating a menstrual cycle without shedding any egg.

Pregnancy spotting is also often mistaken as a period during pregnancy, although with noticeable blood content at a lesser amount. Spotting occurs during the implantation of the fertilized egg and rarely through the three trimesters of pregnancy. These two events can confuse women especially when they have noted signs of pregnancy before missed period.


Managing Spotting During Pregnancy

Pregnancy spotting is often accompanied by cramping during early pregnancy.

Spotting During Pregnancy

After all, cramping is usually an early sign of pregnancy. Women who experience periods during pregnancy may likely experience regular cramping as well.

If you experience periods during pregnancy, never fail to report it to your doctor. If you have seen enough signs of pregnancy before missed period but you constantly experience bleeding, it is best to get yourself checked by the doctor for your safety. Waiting to get pregnant is an enjoyable experience, so waiting for signs of pregnancy before missed period is an important task.

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