Starting Your Periods | A Beginners Guide

all about periods

I feel like people sometimes expect that you know everything already about your Period.

So I’m just gonna be answering some frequently asked questions that I get so much about periods

Some things to kind of hopefully help you guys out on your Period

I answer a lot of your guys frequently asked questions that you have about Periods.

1 What is the period?

I’ve actually gotten this question a lot and a period is you know without going into this whole long scientific explanation but it’s your body’s way of saying that you are able to get pregnant.

It doesn’t mean that you should but it’s your body’s way of saying you’re able to get pregnant and you are shutting out the lining of your uterus each month.

2 What age will you get your period?

Most girls get their periods from ages 11 to 14 but you know you could be older than this you could be younger than this it really just depends.

3 When will you stop getting your period?

Unfortunately, you stopped getting your period anywhere between the ages of 45 and 55 so you’re going to have it for a very long time so guy used to it get comfortable with it.

4 How long will your period loss?

It lasts about anywhere from around 2 to 6 days and the first couple days are usually the heaviest and then it kind of gets lighter as you’re finishing up.

5 How much blood do you lose?

About 4 tablespoons of blood

6 My period blood looks brown instead of red is this bad?

Nope, it’s perfectly normal especially towards the beginning and the end of your period.

The reason why it looks Brown is because the blood is leaving your body more slowly so the oxygen makes it turn this brownish color so that’s why it looks brown.

How often do you get your period?

Most girls start their periods 28 days. It depends it’s different for everybody but usually, girls will get their periods every 28 days and I used to think it meant like 28 days from the time you end your period but it’s actually every 28 days you start your period.

So it’s not from the day you end it’s from the day you start.

If you’re counting on like a calendar or something then just keep that in mind.

What if I have irregular periods?

What I mean by an irregular period is not having your period every 28 days. You know some girls have it and then it goes away for a little bit for for two months or something.

Then it comes back and then it goes away and then you know so that’s what I mean by irregular and this is perfectly normal for the first few years especially that you’re starting your period

Some girls actually go on birth control to try and force their periods to become regular.

Can you get pregnant when you’re on your period?

Yes, you can but doesn’t mean you should though (Lol). 

Can you have your period and still be pregnant?

No, if you get pregnant you will not have your period it will stop.

Can you still use a tampon if you haven’t had sex yet?

Yes, you can still use a tampon if you haven’t had sex yet that’s not going to make you lose your virginity.

I get discharged what the hell is it?

Don’t worry don’t freak out it’s totally normal it’s just your body’s way of keeping your vagina clean and healthy.

y it should look clear white or pale yellow.

Should I use pads or tampons?

Whatever you feel comfortable with some girls to swear by pads some girls swore by tampons.

tampon vs pads

Some people like menstrual cups even but if you’re starting your period for the first time then I would probably recommend pads just because I think those are those are the easiest.


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