Stop Snoring Natural Remedies

how to stop snoring natural remedies

How to Stop Snoring Natural Remedies

If you are looking to address your snoring problems with stop snoring natural remedies, there are many things you can try before resorting to medication or surgery.

Weight Loss

loose weight to stop snoring

Weight is defiantly connected to people with sleep issues, including sleep apnea and excessive snoring. An overweight person who drops approximately twenty percent of their body weight can drastically reduce the amount that they snore. If this problem can be addressed alone, you can possibly stop snoring naturally tonight.


Alcohol Consumption

stop-drinking-alcohol-to-stop snoring

Another factor is alcohol consumption and/or smoking. Both of these contribute to louder, more frequent snoring. Giving up one or the other can greatly reduce your need for additional snore relief, not to mention an improvement to your overall health.

Snore Pillows

There are snoring Supports such as pillows and wedges available to keep you off your back while sleeping. Sleeping on your back is when snoring is generally the worst.

Having a wedge to keep you on your side may be a great solution. Snore Pillows are made to keep you in a slightly upright position to help to keep all air passages open and help you to breathe free.

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Mouthpieces to Stop Snoring

There are mouthpieces available to help. These are a little less comfortable and would take some getting used to. Their purpose is to keep the soft throat tissues from collapsing and blocking your airway while you sleep.

Nasal Strips

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Nasal Strips have been proven effective for some. They open up the nasal airways allowing the free flow of air and keeping you passages unobstructed, therefore a reduction in snoring. This is an inexpensive option that has seen good results to stop snoring naturally tonight.

Usage of Saline Drops

There are saline drops available (or can be made at home) for the nose to moisten the nostrils. This can help to reduce nasal congestion and clear your nasal passages allowing you to have some snore relief. This method is short-lived an may need to be applied a couple of times during the night.

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