Stress Rash

stress rash on neck pictures
stress rash on neck pictures

A Helpful Guide on Stress Rash Symptoms, Types of Rashes, Treatment, Home Remedies, Pictures, etc

Rashes Caused by Stress – Overview

If you’ve ever broken out in rash before, you know that it is absolutely no fun can be one of the single most uncomfortable sensations you encounter in your life.

All of that itching, burning, and discomfort is bad enough, especially if the rashes you have were caused by stress because odds are you’re already panicking about something else.

First of all, relax, relax, relax, because we’re here to help. Second, if this is a medical emergency, please stop reading and head directly to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

Now that we’ve got that covered, if you or someone you know is currently suffering from rashes as a result of stress, we’re here to act as a helpful compendium of information on the medical problem known as hives, some of the causes, some of the solutions, and what you can expect from rashes.

Stress Rash on Arms

stress rash on armA stress rash on arms showing signs breakout. Please take note that this is not a medical source in that no medical professionals were involved in writing or proofreading the material on this page.

It is information gathered through third-party research and is not in any way guaranteed to be medical fact. Always, always, always consult your doctor with any questions of a medical nature. if you or someone you know is currently suffering from a severe case of rashes and needs medical attention, stop what you’re doing and contact emergency services in your area immediately.

We are not responsible for your health or any medical decisions you may or may not make. We are here only as a source of information.

Okay, well now that’s out of the way, let’s get into what is going on with your body when you break out in rashes. RASHES are basically just raised welts on the skin that are usually very uncomfortable and very itchy.

They usually are on the surface of the skin but have an effect below the skin as well. In most cases, rashes are a result of your body having an allergic reaction to a specific material.

The body swells and hardens in an effort to protect itself from further exposure to whatever the contaminant is, leaving you with anything from a few uncomfortable red marks along your arms to some pretty severe rashes all over your body.

Contrary to popular belief, while the problem is referred to as rashes, the individual welts are not known as rashes, but wheals. Wheals behave erratically, appearing very, very quickly and sometimes disappearing just as quickly, but also sometimes shrinking or growing, joining with other wheals, or a vast number of other behaviors.

In any event, you’re looking at a lot of itchiness and a lot of irritation.

Stress Skin Rash Pictures

Close up shot of rashes on the skin with discoloration. Of course, while most Skin rashes are caused by an allergic reaction, some Skin rash are caused by stress.

stress causes skin rash

For More Stress Rash Pictures – Click Here

People tend to misunderstand or underestimate how intimately our mental state is related to our physical state, but the truth of the matter is that how you feel mentally directly impacts what is going on with your body, and high stress can do any number of things from causing headaches, digestion problems, causing women to miss their menstrual cycle, and cause someone to break out in rashes, just to name a few.

Obviously, the best solution to any problem caused by stress is to simply take a break for a little while and to try to find a way to calm down and let go of some of that stress.

Possibly this will require anything from therapy to anti-stress medication, to a simple beach vacation after your rashes heal. If you chronically break out in a rash as a result of high stress, you might want to consult a doctor as this may be telling of a more serious condition.

In most cases, rash isn’t a particular health danger so much as they are a source of skin irritation. Obviously, if you have a Skin rash caused by stress, the appearance of the skin rashes can sometimes just add to the stress that you’re feeling, but panicking about something like rashes isn’t going to help.

Of course, there are some cases where rashes are dangerous. If there is a lot of swelling and wheal growth in the neck and throat area, you could be in danger of the swelling restricting your airways and could cause some serious damage.

If this is the case, proceed to the nearest emergency room or emergency kit because you’re going to need a shot of epinephrine, (otherwise known as adrenaline) in order to help the body fight off the swelling and to keep air passages open.

These cases are rare but it’s important that you be aware of the potential complications involved with severe stress rashes breakouts.

Stress Rashes on Hands

A less severe case of stress rash on the hands and arms. Usually, rashes can go away in anything from a few hours to a few days and will go away on their own in almost all cases, though there are a few things you can do to soothe your skin.

First, although this is probably obvious to you from the way you feel, any type of hot shower or bath is completely out of the question.

Colder is better in this situation since the skin is already swollen and very warm. Also, do anything you can not to irritate the infected skin, including wearing tight-fitting or constantly shifting clothing or jewelry. This means loose, comfortable clothes at all times in order to make it easiest on yourself.

Okay, well, we hope our guide was a great help to you and we hope it was both informative and helpful. Remember, consult a doctor for more accurate medical information, and always go to see a doctor if there is a lot of swelling around the head, neck, face, mouth, or tongue as these all may lead some more serious problems.

Also, any breathing difficulties associated with rashes breakouts warrant an immediate trip to the hospital to get yourself taken care of. Stress rashes are a nasty and no-fun thing, but in most cases, they are harmless and will go away on their own. Good luck, good health, and feel better.

Stress Causes Skin Rash

Hive is a rash on the skin that is defined by red and itchy lumps. These Rashes can be very annoying and also painful to some people, but what really is the cause of rashes in adults? When a cause for a Rashes can be found, it is usually an infection that is the reason behind the itchy rash but it is obvious that Stress Causes Skin Rash.

Around 40% of all cases of Rashes are caused by an infection, which is beneficial because as the infection resolves itself, so will the outbreak of Rashes. But the cause for about 60% of Rashes is based in some kind of allergy, are rash related to stress or the cause is unknown at all. This is when RAshstress people the most.

Cold-induced Urticaria

Cold induced urticaria

Cold-induced Urticaria can have many causes, most are idiopathic, which means we have no idea what causes them. The hives are a histamine reaction in response to cold stimuli, cold water or air. In severe cases cold urticaria can be life-threatening if hypotension, low blood pressure, occurs.

Aquagenic Urticaria

Aquagenic urticaria

Aquagenic Urticaria is an extremely rare, but very serious form on Rashes. This is the result of the body coming into contact with any form of water. It can be caused by taking a shower, or even because the body sweats when it is too hot.

The skin will be itching and burning after contact with water, and the patient may feel the pain that can last as long as two hours. This can be a condition which will ruin peoples lives, and although there is no proven treatment for it, there is ways in which it can be made a lot more bearable.

Urticaria Pigmentosa

Urticaria Pigmentosa

Urticaria Pigmentosa is the name for a common condition where the body has an excess amount of mast cells. The mast cells are the ones that connect the skin tissue together and produce histamines to counter infections coming into cuts.

It is when histamine is produced when it shouldn’t be that a problem is caused. The production of the histamine gives a rash off, which when scratched severely can turn into Rashes.

Cholinergic urticaria

It is basically when hives is caused by a change in body heat. This can also be related to exercise-induced urticaria and solar urticaria.

Things like hot showers, long exposure to the sun, exercise and too many clothes can all be a reason for developing this form of hives. This can also be caused by the weather.

Hereditary Angioedema

Hereditary Angioedema is the name for an extremely rare, but also very serious problem with the immune system which is passed down through generations of families.

It can cause severe swelling, usually in the face and airways, along with abdominal cramping. This problem effects the blood vessels and is the case of not having enough of a protein called C1 inhibitor.

This condition can often be fatal, as it causes severe swelling in the airways, blocking any air from getting in and stopping the patient from breathing.

Can you get Rashes from stress? 

Rash from stress, this is a known cause of the rash, which in some serious cases can also lead to chronic urticaria. It is often the case that someone will be under severe emotional tension for a long period of time, which can trigger changes in the bodies of mast cells, causing chronic rash stress.

If the rash is there for more than six weeks, it is now a chronic form of urticaria, which is more serious.

Stress Rash Treatment

It iѕ natural tо experience cеrtаіn amount оf fear for the future. Stress іn thе face оf any eventualities іs expected but if іt crosses thе limits, Rash from stress may appear as a first warning.

It ѕhould bе kеpt іn abeyance and harnessed to promote оvеrall well bеing оf thе humans. Thеrеfоre, anxiety сannоt bе totally branded aѕ unethical. Our body structure, оur habits and оur mental make-uр аre аll inter-related. Our diet іs reflected іn оur mind and оur mind is thе mirror image of the оur body.

Similarly, оur breathing сan affect оur bodies and the way we respond to tо anxiety. A slight alteration in thе waу wе respire cаn gо а long wау іn overcoming оur worries.

Thе way we breathe varies undеr dіffеrеnt circumstances. Thеrе iѕ а variation іn thе pattern of breathing when wе аrе sexually aroused оr arе angry оr arе faced with а stressful situation. Our breaths bесоmе superficial under the аbоve mentioned conditions.

Wе сan kееp anxiety at bay bу onlу changing our breathing pattern frоm shallow to deep breathing.

It is а simple solution tо а major problem, because the more oxygen you inhale, the less tense, short of breath, and anxious you feel.

rash stress treatment
rash stress treatment

Try to do the following exercise as a Rash stress treatment for 5 minutes

  • Sit or lie comfortably with your back straight and place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach.


  • When you now breathe in through your nose the hand on your stomach should rise. While the hand on your chest should move only very little.


  • Exhale through your mouth, try to push out as much air as you can while contracting your abdominal muscles. The hand on your stomach should now move in as you exhale, while your other hand should move very little.


  • Continue breathing in through your nose and breathing out through your mouth. Feel your lower abdomen rise and fall.

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