Symptoms of Bronchitis in Infants

symptoms of bronchitis in infant

Here you can read about infant bronchitis. Infant bronchitis can occur in babies and toddlers as a result of a cold that is not properly treated.

This usually happens during the winter season, since children are very sensitive and can easily catch a cold, flu and other infection.


Infant Bronchitis Types


There are two types of bronchitis: acute and chronic bronchitis. Acute bronchitis in infants can be very serious. Immune systems of babies are not strong enough to fight severe infections like bacteria and viruses, so bronchitis can lead to complications in babies and toddlers. It is extremely important to detect the symptoms in time and start proper treatment.



Symptoms of Bronchitis in Infants

Infant bronchitis symptoms are sometimes difficult to detect since many of them are similar to symptoms of flu or cold.

Running Nose

A runny nose is one of the bronchitis symptoms in babies that occur in the beginning.

Difficulty in Breathing

Bronchitis Infants Treatment

You can also notice that your baby has breathing difficulties. When the airways are inflamed, breathing gets difficult.


This symptom of bronchitis is very common in infants.


Wheezing is also present as one of the symptoms of infant bronchitis.

Excessive Cough

symptoms of bronchitis in infants

Your baby can also experience excessive coughing.

This cough is very persistent. Mucus is also present and it all makes your child’s breathing even more difficult.

You can also notice changes in your child’s voice. If you have a baby that still cannot talk, pay your attention to his breathing. Listen to how your baby breathes.


Increased temperature is also one of the common infant bronchitis symptoms. Fever is often accompanied by general weakness and headaches.

Your baby is too small to tell you that something is wrong, but you will be able to see this happening.

Pain in chest can also occur. You baby will cry more and you will be able to see that something is wrong.


Bronchitis Infants Treatment

Treatment for infant bronchitis is prescribed by a doctor. Before starting any kind of treatment, your doctor must determine the type of bronchitis and What causes it.

If it is caused by bacteria, the treatment will be different from viral bronchitis treatment. Do not give any medicines to your baby before your doctor examines your baby.

What you can do is to keep your bay away from harmful influences like extremely cold weather, for example. Avoid being surrounded by people who have flu or cold. Take care of the hygiene of your hands as well.

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Video on Bronchitis Symptoms in Infants


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