Tips to get Rid of Period Rashes

Many women have to face the rashes during the menstrual period in the vagina and even the rashes around the anal area. These rashes are commonly known as period rashes. During menstrual cramps, bloating and pain in the body, you have a lot of trouble in periods and if you are suffering from period rashes, then this problem also increases. So let’s know about methods and treatments to avoid period rashes.

Use Cotton Sanitary Pads for Period Rash

Cotton Sanitary Pads for Period Rash

If your sanitary napkin has a plastic layer, stop using it immediately. With high humidity levels and constant heat, it makes it more vigorous to stimulate your sensitive skin. Instead, bought sanitary napkins that are specially prepared for sensitive skin. Organic or cotton pads are also a good option.

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Changing Sanitary Pad for every few hours to get rid of Pad Rashes

Do not make the mistake of changing your pad only twice a day. Instead, keep an extra sanitary napkin with you and change the sanitary napkins after four to five hours to stay safe.

Wear Loose Clothes to avoid Pad Rashes

Wear Loose Clothes to avoid Pad Rashes

During these days of Periods, avoid wearing your favorite Skinny Jeans and sexy satin underwear. Wear loose pants and cotton underwear. This will ensure that you will not get too much sweating and your genital area will be well ventilated. The painful periods that will help prevent rotate.

Maintain Hygiene During Menstruation to avoid Period Rashes

Every time you go to the toilet, slowly wash your genital area and dry with toilet paper. Do not use wet wipes at all because most of them contain alcohol or any other fragrances, which can cause swelling in the skin. Also, take a shower before going to bed and keep your genitals dry at all times.

How to Treat Periods Rashes?

Now you know what to do to stop period races. But then what do you do when you feel that your genital period has become rash? Follow these simple steps to calm these rushes –

Do not use lacto calamine or Vaseline such as soap, body wash or any type of cream on the affected area. By applying any of these, the pain will increase further. If you want to put some plasters or gel for relief, then call your dermatologist or gynecologist before you know that you are using the right one.

Using some hot water on the affected areas helps in relief immediately. Hot water will help in reducing inflammation and burning sensation and will get rid of sweat and blood sugar.

After that, sit on a cold marble or stone surface. You can also apply ice or heat pack on your pants but avoid using them directly on the skin. If none of these steps provide relief, then it may be a yeast infection symptom in which you should meet your doctor.

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