Tonic Water vs Club Soda


Club Soda and Sparkling Tonic Water Both clear – Both Fizzy

So what’s the Difference

Tonic Water is either spring water or plain water where carbon dioxide is added to make bubbles.

It may have minerals but if it does they occur naturally.


To make club soda plain water is carbonated and then minerals are added.

Stuff like Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Sulphate, and Sodium Chloride

Club soda has a slightly minerally taste but is mostly flavored ones.

So club soda – bubbles minerals added.

Tonic water bubbles – No minerals added but there still may be some.

What about Seltzer?

When there are no minerals so your Tonic water is seltzer water

The name Seltzer was originally like a brand name for fizzy water from seltzers Germany which ironically came from a natural spring so it had minerals.

Anyway it’s been coming there since the 1700s and they still make fizzy water.

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