Way for the Prevention of Depressive Disorders

ways to prevent major depressive disorder

Prevention of Major Depressive Disorder

It is not always possible to predict when someone will develop a major depressive disorder, which means that prevention of the onset of the disorder is not always possible.

However, in high-risk individuals (as well as patients who have recovered from a premature onset of a disorder), there are various ways in which it is possible to work to prevent the onset of the same, or another, disorder.



Behaviour is often an important place to start when working to prevent a mood disorder. This can be on a personal level, or in groups (which are usually small).

Younger patients tend to benefit from behavioral programs, whereas older patients usually benefit more from some form of social support.


Join Specific Course

Sufferers can also attend specific courses which help them to recognize and identify the symptoms in themselves – in fact, to anticipate the onset of symptoms before they become major and begin to affect the individual’s life.


Maintaining a Well Balanced Diet

Someone who may be in a high-risk position for developing a depressive disorder needs to take particular care of themselves. This includes easing sensibly and regularly – making sure that their diet is well-balanced.

balance diet to prevent major depressive disorder

It is not a good idea to drink sweetened drinks. Drinking water regularly is recommended. The aim is to keep the salts and fluids in the body in balance.

Patients should avoid caffeine, which means cutting out colas, coffee and tea. These drinks can also make someone urinate more frequently, which can serve to affect the level of medication in the bloodstream.

Knowledge and understanding of themselves and of the potential threatening conditions is possibly the best way for people to prevent the onset of these depressive disorders.

The better an individual understands the pressures in their own lives and how they relate / react to them, the better they will be able to predict what may be a real threat to their emotional state.


Avoid Stress

Sufferers of depression should work hard to avoid stress, the main step to prevent major depressive disorder. This may mean joining a program to teach distressing strategies. It is also beneficial to have someone to talk to regularly. Sometimes, it is important to avoid certain individuals and in particular situations.

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