What are the Best Condoms to use?

best condoms

Nine Best Condoms to use

9 Durex Performax


Durex Performax is designed for an unforgettable experience and enhanced pleasure for men and women. They’re rigged and dotted for a unique sensation that actually helps a man last longer.

They may fall off smaller individuals.

They become more lubricated with use and are a favorite among women but the loop can build up in the tip.

8 Glyde Standard fit


If being kind to animals and the environment turns you on and you’ll appreciate that Glide standard fit up Peter approved made from sustainably produced rubber and support a fair trade business in Australia.

Unfortunately, you only get 12 condoms in the box.

the gentle on the most sensitive wearers under trouble tested to ensure safety.

however, they’re not as thin as others.

7 Shabari Premium


Come in a convenient top opening box making them easy to access when you need them.

They’re long enough for bigger guys so you’ll always feel completely protected when using them and they won’t lose their elasticity after long sessions in the sack.

They come generously lubricated and are flexible and comfortable.

But they can have a strange odor.

6 Sir Richard’s ultra-thin of the gentleman’s condom


Sir Richard’s ultra-thin condom of the gentleman’s condom indeed for each one you buy this brand will donate one to somebody else he wants to have sex.

Doesn’t want an STD but can’t afford their own protection.

Plus they’re FDA-approved.

They’re made in the USA and are a vegan certified product.

However, the material isn’t flexible enough.

5 Sagami Original Condom


People are willing to look overseas for a really good condom that truly doesn’t detract from the sensations of sex and that’s just what the Japanese created Sagami original Condom is known for.

Each one is barely as thick as a strand of human hair.

They don’t have an unpleasant latex taste and hug your member well.

They’re even enjoyable with a fleshlight.

4 Durex Invisible Condom


As their name implies Durex invisible are entirely transparent so they don’t take away from the visual experience of sex and will be slightly less conspicuous in your trash can if your mom has us to stop by.

They boast a pleasant smell too.

That thin while still being productive and they’re approved by dermatologists.

They’re very easy to put on.

3 Trojan Pleasure Pack


You’re not in the mood for the same type of sex every night so why should you be limited to identical condoms every day of the week with the trojan pleasure package you won’t be

it contains five different varieties of boasting a range of sensations.

the premium latex offers STI protection and they’ll fit small to large men.

They’re lubricated inside and out.

2 Lifestyles Skyn


at number two lifestyle skin don’t have the high price tag of some other brands but do contain all of the same features to make sex pleasurable and protect against sexually transmitted diseases plus they remain lubricated throughout intercourse.

They’re made from an extra soft material and a highly tear resistant and there’s no loss of heat transfer.

1 Trojan Enz Condom


Tozan Enz Condom can help prevent unwanted pregnancies in more ways than one.

Not only are they made from premium latex but they’re also coated with a spermicidal lubricant.

If your firm on your stance against having kids these are the condoms for you.

They come with large reservoir tips and provide tremendous peace of mind.

They rarely ever break.

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