What is a Peanut Allergy and its Symptoms

peanut butter allergy rash photo
peanut butter allergy rash photo

Peanut allergy and its Symptoms

When some people think peanuts they think peanuts only while others peanut butter.


When it comes to allergies peanuts are amongst the most deadly foods in the world and because of their ubiquity in the food industry people have gone to great lengths to protect themselves.

In recent years the number of peanut allergies in the general population is actually increased.

You can basically ignore the nut

Peanuts are a legume like a Pierre soybean which puts them in a separate class than normal nut allergies.

Peanut allergies affect between 1 & 2 percent of the global population with the affected population the United States has more than tripled in the past two decades.

Why peanut allergies are so dangerous?


A severe allergic response to peanuts can bring on a state of anaphylaxis a potentially life-threatening full-body reaction.

This affects these four systems in your body with these corresponding symptoms.

As you can see anaphylaxis is pretty serious

The most dangerous symptoms of a throat swelling which can lead to suffocation and the drop in blood pressure which can cause a person to enter into anaphylactic shock and possibly die.

Even trace amounts of peanut residue can cause a peanut allergy death in some people which is a big problem due to their prevalence in the food industry.



What makes peanuts different from other food allergens?


There have been 13 proteins identified to cause allergic reactions or H 1 through 13.

Peanut proteins are especially problematic because they aren’t readily destroyed in your gut when you eat peanut products.

this means that when they get into your bloodstream after digestion they still have what it takes to trigger an allergic reaction.

We still don’t know what makes these particular proteins are so potent but if you are severely allergic the smallest amount of them even if you just inhale them could cause your body to go into defensive overdrive potentially killing you in the process.

When this happens the drug Abbi never end the substance in EpiPens is a lifesaver if injected fast enough.

It counters the symptoms of anaphylaxis by opening up Airways to make breathing easier and restricting blood vessels to increase blood pressure.



Why are peanut allergies on the rise?

One possibility is that we’ve been taking too many precautions to limit peanuts sensitivity.

In the early 2000s mothers were advised to limit any peanut take during pregnancy and even avoid feeding their children peanuts until the age of three.


Aas it turns out recent research has indicated that introducing peanuts to a child’s diet very early on can actually reduce the chances of developing a serious allergy.

This new discovery may lead to a future decrease in the total population affected by peanut allergies.

Scientists are still digging into peanut allergies to reach a greater understanding of how to stop them.

We had reactions dream of a world where with a little help from science every man woman and child can be blessed enough to enjoy one of these Anytime Anywhere.

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