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There are so many misconceptions about Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

So today WE want to talk about things everyone should know about PTSD

What is PTSD Caused By

So PTSD occurs when you go through a trauma that is a shocking or dangerous event that could happen to you or it could happen to someone else.

There have been instances where people get PTSD because people around them have been through a traumatic event.


Going through trauma is not a rare occurrence.

In fact, 6 out of 10 men and 5 out of 10 women experience at least one trauma in their lifetime.

Now not everyone who experiences a trauma in their lifetime will develop PTSD.

It is estimated that 7.8 Americans will experience some sort of PTSD in their lifetime

With women twice as likely as men

Now there are many ways that someone can experience PTSD

What Cause PTSD in Women?

For women, the most common ways to develop PTSD is

Child Abuse

Sexual Assault

child abuse


What Cause PTSD for Men?

For men,

Sexual Assault

Childhood Neglect combat

Physical Assault

all of these things could develop into PTSD

Childhood Neglect combat

In the media when talking about PTSD they only talk about the combat for the veterans and rape for women and that is totally valid and I’m so happy that PTSD is being talked about in the media.

We just want to let you know that there are other ways which can cause PTSD.

What are the Common Symptoms of PTSD


Recreating the traumatic event over and over and over again

These are also called flashbacks. These flashbacks can happen with mental images that pop in your head or through nightmares.

If a child has PTSD usually these symptoms come out in their plane

Avoidance of people, objects, and events

that remind the person of the trauma is very common

Attentiveness all the time for danger

This is because the person who has PTSD is irritable angry it’s always on their guard

If you would like more information about the symptoms of PTSD there’s a lot more than what We have discussed in other articles . Please CLICK  HERE TO  KNOW IN DETAILS

Everyone experiences symptoms differently. Now it is a misconception that PTSD happens right after the traumatic event.

Everyone is different

Sometimes PTSD symptoms will start right after the trial event or sometimes months or years later. Some people can experience these symptoms for years continuously and some people experience these symptoms where they come and they go. For some people, they don’t even know that they have PTSD because of the symptoms and how similar they are to other illnesses.

PTSD is not a sign of mental weakness

While some people after a traumatic event can adjust to normal life after. Some people just can’t but that doesn’t mean they’re mentally weak

Factors that go into if someone will develop PTSD or not

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There are many factors that go into if someone will develop PTSD or not.

Severity and the longevity of the trauma

The person’s personality traits

How many chemicals the brain releases to combat stress

Does this person have social support these things

These factors all combine to see if the person will develop PTSD

How to treat People who has PTSD?

Things to never say to someone who has PTSD

Can you calm down or I’m not going to talk to you

Right now can’t you just forget about it

Can you just repress the memory and forget the whole thing

You just need to forgive and forget what happened

The past is the past

You need to move on.

Things you should say and do to help someone with PTSD

Ask them how they’re feeling and

Ask them what type of support they need,

Respect them and treat them with kindness.

They didn’t ask for the trauma to happen. They didn’t ask like this. So accept them even though you’ll never understand what they’re going through

Invite them to find resources to help them if they want you to maybe offer to help find a counselor or a treatment center in your area

Be a good listener

Sometimes they just need someone to talk to Went to. One of the best things that you can do for someone suffering from any mental illness it’s just listening to them and not be judgmental.

If someone is suffering with PTSD there is hope for recovery

Treatments of PTSD?

There are so many treatments out there for people who are suffering with this illness

CBT exposure therapy

EMDR support groups for the sufferer and

The caregiver medications family therapy

There’s so much out there for you

Trigger warnings are so important in everyday life people have PTSD

I know that there’s like something going on the internet where we don’t like to talk about trigger warnings or I feel like we’re being too safe and you sensitive.

But for people who have this illness things like physical or sexual abuse things like physical violence or sexual violent.

Things like combat or disasters could trigger someone with PTSD on.

It’s important to betray warnings on things in the media in the movies and on TV or these people. If you are suffering with PTSD I want you to know that what happened to you was not your fault

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