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Tonic water in the future. It’s really that sort of food that people know about but they don’t really know about its history or what it’s made from.

What is Tonic Water?

Tonic Water is a carbonated beverage that you can get in almost any grocery store.

You can get it near the aisle that has seltzer water or really right next to seltzer water.

Tonic Water commonly used in alcoholic cocktail of gin and tonic

Tonic Water is something commonly used in a very classic alcoholic cocktail called a gin and tonic. It’s 50% of that drink.


History of Tonic Water

Historically Tonic Water is basically just made of water that’s carbonated and quinine.

Now quinine is a crystalline alkaloid what it basically does is provide a bunch of medicinal purposes.

Benefits of quinine are that It’s an anti-malarial it also helps to relieve tense muscles and it can also reduce fevers.

quinine is an anti-malarial relieve tense muscles and reduce fevers

The drink has a slightly bitter taste to it which is why it was called tonic water and it is most popular in India where it came from as a way to fight malaria.

Now today when you go to the grocery store to buy tonic water.

You’re going to notice that it actually has a sweetening agent inside it might be corn syrup or sugar. This is to help cut the taste of the QUININE.

Originally tonic water was a medicinal product and quinine does not have the best taste it’s pretty sharp so they added sweeteners to help cut the really bright flavor of the quinine.

That’s what you’re going to get at most grocery stores, of course, you can get some high-end versions of tonic water that just have quinine in them.

Also, a really interesting fact is that the gin and tonic was not just a fun cocktail.

People introduced Gin to the quinine water to help cut the flavor and make it more palatable to consume when you’re fighting malaria.

Of Course, over time people started to enjoy the flavor of quinine in the beverage.

Fun facts of Quinine

1 Fun Fact of quinine is that it is very sensitive to UV rays and UV light.

So if you make a gin and tonic and put it under a blacklight it’s going to glow in your hand

quinine is sensitive to UV rays and UV light so gin and tonic glows under blacklight leg-cramps-releif-with-quin

2 Another fun and interesting facts is that Quinine is a great muscle relaxer and it’s often recommended that people drink quinine based beverages when they’re suffering from cramps as it helps alleviate a lot of muscle pain.

Easy Recipe of Tonic Water

Now while a lot of people don’t like the bitter taste of Tonic water.

If you want or need the alcohol you can add it yourself.

1. Start by rubbing the rim of the glass into some mint leaves and then dip the mint leaves rubbed rim into the plate of sugar.

2. Place the mint in the glass followed by some ice cubes some lemon juice and then some Tonic Water.

3. Serve and Enjoy.

That’s it sa uper super simple recipe of Tonic Water.

Optional Tips
Now you can Emit the sugar on the rim if you don’t want it to be super sweet.

You can also add simple syrup to the whole thing if it’s not now either way make it your own.

This is a really refreshing summertime drink you can add some alcohol to it if you want you could even put it inside of a squirt bottle if you’re running and kind of make your own refreshing running drink.

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