What to Eat Everyday to Lose Weight

fruits and vegetables in everyday diet to lose weight

We can cut calories with fruits and vegetables

Eating Fruits and vegetables everyday can help you very much in your weight loss efforts, they if taken 5 times in a day can work wonders, not only does it help your body with nutrition but also fiber, minerals, and vitamins, some fruits can give you antioxidants to your body to fight some type of cancers also.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber so eating these everyday is the best source to lose weight. It gives you a feeling of being full thereby you eat less in the next meal.

One slice of cheese pizza can give you about 350 calories, but a cup of cooked nonstarchy vegetables or fruit ripe can reduce the intake to 50 calories. This helps you to avoid about 300 calories at one shot.equvalant to walking one kilometer to burn calories. So Avoid these Junk foods from your everyday routine to lose weight.

The best methods to make the experience of having the fruits and vegetables are to make a tasty snack with vegetables like making a cauliflower snack dipped in gram flour and fry it. It can give you a fantastic snack with a thin layer of flour covering it .

Such innovative snack preparation helps you to have vegetables easily at the same time tastier and you won’t get bored to have it or else make a vegetable salad with yogurt. We also get a very good salad dressing mixtures in a supermarket also. With fruits, one can make a good sweet fruit salad and refrigerate it and have it cold. We can have fruits and vegetables raw also with some pepper and salt to add a spicy feel.

it is up to us how to adjust it so that we can replace one of more meal with vegetables and fruits. The idea is to consume less calories at the same time be it appeasing to the taste buds so that we do not do away with the enjoyment of eating.

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