World AIDS Day 2018 | Early signs of HIV AIDS

hiv aids symptoms

Human immunodeficiency virus is one of the major health issues in the world. According to World Health Organization figures, around 36.9 million people in the world are suffering from HIV.

World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1 every year around the world. This time its theme is ‘Know your status’. That is, people have an appeal to knowing about their HIV status.

What is this disease
HIV AIDS is a disease which has no cure. One of the major causes of this disease is insecure sexual intercourse. Even if you come in contact with people suffering from this disease, then this disease can sting you.

Learn the symptoms of HIV AIDS
Doctors say that it is difficult to identify the initial symptoms of the disease. But if you are alert then this is possible. Learn what its initial symptoms are.

– If you have this infection, you have a fever. Since immune power decreases, the body does not fight with fever.

– Complain of continuous fatigue can remain. Because the body’s immune power is low, it requires more rest. And when it does not happen, it is natural to be consistent with fatigue.

– Having constant pain in the head, stopping the throat can also be a symptom of this serious disease. In the early stages of AIDS, the patient may have frequent headaches complaining throughout the day and night.

– In the beginning of AIDS it has a bad effect on your immune system. This can have a bad effect on the outer surface of the skin. Due to this there may be a problem on the skin and rashes.

– Be cautious if rapid weight loss starts.

– If you start sweating even while sleeping

If your nails are yellow, damaged or fried, then you should take it seriously. You have to take precautions from HIV Virus asap.

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